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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 23, 2007 - Issue #14  
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The Darkness of Dumbness

Angry Cloud has Limited Success. Will the Darkness of Dumbness Send Other Clouds?

Sarillion has never faced such challenges before where everywhere you went it seemed like there were Clouds showing up. When at first it was announced that the Darkness of Dumbness wanted to attack Sarillion with a climate crisis and send in his Clouds of Chaos to do the dirty work, I didnít know what to think. What would happen to the peace, harmony and happiness of Sarillion? How would a climate crisis affect the animals, oceans, land and atmosphere of Sarillion? How would the Pleethars react to being attacked, and would the Idea Seekers join forces in fighting the Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos by doing the Team Challenge?

First, Proud Cloud attacked Sarillion. With his nose in the air, he tried to convince the Pleethars that they were too good to learn about climate change and how they could fight it by becoming more energy efficient.

After Proud Cloud, Sloth Cloud was sent by the Darkness. Sloth Cloud moaned and groaned his way around Sarillion trying to make the Pleethars too lazy to care about changing their habits to become more energy efficient.

Even after Sloth Cloud, Sarillion was not completely safe. The Darkness sent the meanest Cloud of all to attack Sarillion - Angry Cloud. He was pretty mad that he was called to attack Sarillion. He would have much preferred hanging out and fuming all day. But what Angry Cloud truly hated was how so many people banded together to fight in the Team Challenge. Angry Cloud tried to stop people from becoming energy efficient.

Fortunately, many Pleethars have not become clouded, and have listened to the Idea Seeker Teams. Master Idea Seekers have gone to make presentations to kids in their schools. Kids can learn about global climate change and how to become energy efficient and help their families fight the Darkness. Many people didnít understand how becoming energy efficient can make a difference in fighting climate change. Now this information is being taught in classrooms and in seminars. Different school groups have done many things to help.

While we have made progress and the Darkness has not thrown our planet into total crisis, we have gotten reports back that he vows this isn't over yet. Proud Cloud, Sloth Cloud and Angry Cloud are still being seen in different places on Sarillion and some Pleethars still are under the influence of Cloud Sickness. We must also keep in mind that the Darkness has other Clouds to use in attacking us. Idea Seeker Teams need to be ready at any moment for the next Team Challenge. We need to keep fighting Clouds and watching for the next expeditions. Make sure new visitors to the Idea Seeker Universe know about the Darkness of Dumbness and how they can fight back. More attacks are likely.

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