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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 23, 2007 - Issue #14  
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About an Idea Seeker-Tra

For the past several weeks Tra, an Undercover Cloud Hunter, has been in disguise. With her brother Spec, she has been working in secret trying to find out about the Darkness of Dumbness' plans to attack Sarillion. She and Spec worked very hard getting important information about the attack to those of us on Sarillion. They were at constant risk of being captured by the forces of the Darkness, but knew the fate of Sarillion was very important.

Tra is very happy that the Idea Seeker Teams joined forces to fight the Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos and agreed to talk to the Sarillion Monitor about the attack.

What did you do after you found out about the attack?

Spec and I knew it was very important to let King Daveau and Princess Kimma of Sarillion know about the attack because we know how becoming clouded can harm people. We saw what happened when our own home planet of Machoo was attacked. We did not want Sarillion to suffer the same fate.

What was the scariest part about being undercover during the attack?

There were many scary things. A couple of weeks ago I was nearly captured by a clouded Pleethar named Lander Sman even when I had on one of my best disguises. Lander had been severely clouded by Proud Cloud and had become a Warrior Drone for the Darkness. He started bragging about all the things he had invented and the plans he had come up with for fighting the Darkness. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He was taking the credit for what Dumonde had invented and the plan that my brother Spec had come up with. His lies were so convincing that people began to tell him how wonderful he was when he hadn't actually done anything. And then to make it worse, he started to say that he thought that the Idea Seekers who weren't from the planet Sarillion (and mentioned Spec and Dumonde) should just go away because they weren't doing anything. Well that just got me mad! I was ready to blow my cover and go over to Lander Sman and punch him out! I wasn't paying attention to what else was going on and didn't see that Angry Cloud had snuck up on me until I felt the gummy, gooey anger glob slide down my back. Then I knew what was really going on. I shook off the anger cloud sickness and went over to Lander Sman and Waba kicked the Proud Cloud sickness off of him. He couldn't believe what he had said when he was clouded and immediately went to sign up as a fan to support the Idea Seeker teams. And I vowed to become more careful about what Clouds might be attacking me so I donít become part of the problem.

It was very scary to see how so many Pleethars got clouded during the attack by Angry Cloud and how fast bad feelings spread. Some got so clouded by Angry Cloud they were too busy arguing with each other to do anything to fight climate change and its bad effects on the atmosphere, oceans, land, and other species on Sarillion.

The scariest thing about the attack was not knowing what would happen to Sarillion. I love the peace, harmony and happiness of this beautiful planet. It was very upsetting to find out about floods on the coasts and forest fires happening in other areas. Seeing animals suffering because of climate change really hurt me because I love animals and I don't want to see them harmed. Bad use of resources can cause so much damage. It is really important to change habits and become more energy efficient! For example, now I always unplug my viewscreen charger when it is not in use. And we reuse plastic bags now when we go out to the store for more supplies. I know it is not much, but every little bit helps.

What helped you the most during the attack?

Working with Spec helped me a lot. Sure, heís my brother and he can get on my nerves, but working together we're able to learn about the attack issues and help others change. He has talents I don't have and he really used them during the Team Challenge.

My Patience Plant Babies also helped me. I'm often in a hurry and I get impatient waiting for news while cloud hunting. And sometimes it took Spec forever to come up with ideas on how to fight the clouds. My Plant Babies, Needa and Lotsa, reminded me to stay calm, listen to Spec and others, and think of my own ideas on how to help stop the Darkness' plans.

But what really helped me the most was seeing all the Idea Seeker Teams who joined together to fight the Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos. Seeing their hard work to do the expeditions and share information and support on each others message boards really inspired me to keep going as an Undercover Cloud Hunter.

What would you like to say to the Idea Seeker Teams?

Thank you! Your hard work, teamwork and concern for Planet Sarillion saved so many people, beautiful places and animals from a catastrophic climate crisis. But I knew all of you with help from your Plant Babies could do it. That is why I say even in the middle of a challenge "Thereís always a way. Seek ideas to find solutions."

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