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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Miranda - 8 - United States

Spec suddenly stopped screaming at Tra about missing the concert. Patience Plant Baby tapped him on the shoulder. Spec looked at Patience and said, "What do you want?"

Patience looked around; she didn't know what to say.

"Well, why are you yelling at Tra?" Patience finally asked, "She never did anything to you."

Spec looked at Patience, and then at Tra. He said, "I want to go to the concert but I can't go because I have to fight Darkness of Dumbness."

So Patience said, "Well, be patient. If all the Idea Seekers work together to fight the Darkness of Dumbness, maybe you can defeat him and for a big celebration, also go to the concert." Write Me A Story

Jenni - 10 - United States

"Partly cloudy with a chance of rain," the weather reporter forecasted.

Finally, after a long day of work, he was going to go home. Home to the place where his Beagle, Champ, was patiently waiting at the window for his master to return. Home to where he would pop open a can of beanie weenies and kick off his shoes, not caring about the holes in his mismatched socks. Home to where he would never have to look at another stupid weather map: at least until tomorrow.

The weather reporter arrived home, greeted by the slobbering bellowing of man's best friend. It was about the time for him to kick back in his worn recliner, when he noticed an envelope lying in the floor in front of his newspaper shoot. Curiously he approached the envelope. Printed on the envelope were the words, "Caution: Adventure Enclosed".

"Adventure, huh? We'll see about that," the weather reporter said to his furry sidekick. He opened the envelope. "Just a map," he said, "Must be somebody's idea of a joke."

Looking at the map, he began to mimic his television voice. "Chilly in Antarctica today, heavy snow fell, as blizzards rage..."

Suddenly, the weather reporter began swirling, spiraling, shrinking even. It seemed as though he were being sucked into the map. What was happening? He looked to his dog as if for help, and then out of nowhere, he was dumped into a blizzard.

"Welcome to Antarctica," he heard a voice say. He turned around to see his predecessor from the news station. "You fell for the old interactive map trick, huh?" the former weather reporter said. "Yeah, happened to me, too. How do you think you got my job? Well, since you're here, snow cone?"



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