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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Kylie, 9, USA

"Ah! What a beautiful day! Perfect for showing my new invention to the school! Now, where did I put that thing?" Dumonde asked.

He searched his house from bottom to top. It wasn't in there! His pet, Humor8008 was pecking at the wall.

"Humor you old thing! Stop that pecking in the name of the universe!" Dumonde walked over and leaned on the wall. It opened up! He fell through! He went swirling round and round! Oh my goodness! He was in a black hole! Swirling, and swirling he went! It went on for a couple of hours. Then it all stopped. Everything was blank. Dumonde couldn't even see himself.

Suddenly, a blinding, and burning light shone ahead. Oh no! The sun! Why, in a matter of seconds Dumonde would be nothing but a crumple of air ash. Something grabbed his arm. Dumonde looked up into a girl's sparkling eyes.

"You shall be sent home and your robot creation shall go with you. My nation is sorry that we took it. We thought it was a matter of food. Find our way home safely," the girl said. She let go of Dumonde.

The next thing he knew, he was lying on his bed, with his CO2 in his lap. What an Amazing adventure!" said Dumonde, "I better write this down. Oops! I'm late! Got to go show the school my CO2!" Write Me A Story

Diana, 11, USA

Josh was a pro-active cyclist, a young boy of many talents, one of them was cycling. He chose that talent of his to create a new star for the world: Josh Wannabe, pro cycler. He was at a bike rally one morning when a small pamphlet came fluttering by in the wind. Josh was also a very "green" environmentalist, and so he caught the little flutter paper and read what it said on it. It was a pamphlet about global warming, something Josh didn't care about. He was an environmentalist, yes, but he didn't care about global warming. He thought it to be brainwashing. Josh decided to read the pamphlet anyway. It had several sections and a title. He was most interested in the section that said, "Effects of Global Warming". The few effects out of hundreds more were posted as follows, more humid days, less rain, less snow, plants would die, water shortage due to evaporation caused by heat.

Then there was a description, "Global warming is caused by too much carbon dioxide in the air. Soon, there will be so much that the few effects we listed here will become a reality. These are only several of the hundreds of bad effects that will be caused by global warming if we do not do something to stop it. Do your part to today! To find out how, see our Tips section."

Josh was appalled. If these things could happen so soon, why couldn't he do something to stop them? He read on to the Tips section. "You can do your part by biking more to reduce emissions from cars by not using cars, and planting trees to inhale the carbon dioxide. Remember, these are only a few things you can do."

Josh then rethought his decision about global warming. Now Josh knows how to create a happily ever after for our earth.



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