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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   September 10, 2007 - Issue #16  
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Congratulations to the Winners of the Adventures of the Idea Seekers: Team Challenge 1

Winning Idea Seeker Team: Greener World, Ethan SuperNova and Ichi Penquin

Winning Ally Fan of the Idea Seekers: Mollie Lilac

King Daveau and the Idea Seeker Council would like to congratulate Ethan Supernova and Ichi Penguin of Idea Seeker Team: Greener World for their excellent work in the Team Challenge. Team Greener World did all of the steps in Expeditions 3, 4, and 5 and fought the Clouds of Chaos during this climate crisis challenge on the Planet Sarillion. Ethan Supernova kept his Plant Baby Gratitude powered-up, and Ichi Penguin sent in the T-shirt designs that inspired artists to design T-shirts, a hat, a messenger bag and other things using their encouraging message. You can see what they made in the Idea Seeker Shop.

Team Greener World also used their individual Idea Seeker Roles to get bonus points in the Team Challenge. As an Idea Seeker Prophet, Ichi Penguin got creative with a T-shirt. And as an Idea Seeker Cloud Hunter, Ethan Supernova kicked all the Clouds of Chaos in the different places they showed up.

As a fan, Ally Mollie Lilac supported the Idea Seeker Teams during the mission by learning about global climate change and energy efficiency. She also voted for a team during the Best Team Contest.

King Daveau and the Idea Seeker Council are sending Team Greener World and Ally Mollie Lilac to New York to meet Master Idea Seekers fighting global climate change on Earth. They will learn about how buildings can be made smarter, how restaurants can recycle, how scientists measure climate change and what animals in the world are being affected. They will be taking pictures with their new cameras to share with all of you. Look for these pictures in October. This trip will give Team Greener World and Ally Mollie Lilac more knowledge on how to fight climate change so they can share with other kids in their schools. Like Chauntel Neon and Rufa Dog said on their t-shirt "let's all work together to save energy." You can see their message on shirts and other things in the Idea Seeker Shop too.

Get more information about the fight to stop the climate crisis on Planet Sarillion in the other sections of this Sarillion Monitor:

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