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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   September 10, 2007 - Issue #16  
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We give you a tip, trick or special code in every issue to help defeat the Darkness!

It's Here! The Idea Seeker Shop in the Village

Now you can show off your favorite Plant Babies by purchasing real life items at the Idea Seeker Shop in Venezia Village. You can purchase T-shirts featuring your favorite Plant Babies and so much more.

  • Get a Persistence Plant Baby messenger bag to remind you to keep going until you are successful.
  • Make your friends laugh by sending them greeting cards featuring Humor Plant Baby.
  • Decorate your room with an ornament featuring Hope Plant Baby to tell you to believe in yourself.
  • Purchase T-shirts designed by Idea Seeker Team members featuring positive messages about fighting climate change or about being more energy efficient.

Click on the shirt on the stand in the Restaurant to get to the Idea Seeker Shop or check out the Shopping Page on the main site navigation and click on the Idea Seeker Shop box to link you to lots of cool merchandise.

More Help for You at the Help Hut

Have you made your way into the Help Hut on the Beach in the Idea Seeker Universe? If you have you know it is filled with things that tell you what you can do in the Idea Seeker Universe when you mouse over them. Now the Help Hut is filled with more items that tell you the other fun things you can do in the Idea Seeker Universe. For instance, have you ever wondered...

  • Where you could practice your Waba-fighting in case you ever need to kick a Cloud of Chaos?
  • How to wave to others in the Idea Seeker Universe?
  • What happens when you click on a Yellow Viewscreen?
  • How you can chat using your own words in the Idea Seeker Universe Chat?

Get answers to those questions and more at the Help Hut on the Beach!

More Secret Passages and Free Items

By now you've probably found the secret passages in different places through out the Idea Seeker Universe that King Daveau placed. To try to keep things safe from the Darkness, King Daveau has put secret passages that you have to discover to get to games, free items and new places on Sarillion for Idea Seekers and Allies. They are disguised as regular things in the Idea Seeker Universe for example, find the rolling suitcase in Princess Kimma's room that can take Idea Seekers to the Plant Babies-To-Go page. Or click on the Baker's Daily Special bread table at the Palace Grounds to get a free food item for your Plant Baby. Hopefully only Idea Seekers and Allies will find these and not the Darkness, his Clouds or his Warrior Drones. Because when those guys are around they are up to no good. Look for these secret passages and free items when you walk around the Idea Seeker Universe to get Virtual Points, see new things or go places where only Idea Seekers can go.

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