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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   September 14, 2007 - Issue #17  
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King Daveau

About a Master Idea Seeker - King Daveau

King Daveau leads Planet Sarillion with confidence and strength. He meets continuously with the Idea Seeker Council on how to deal with Sarillion's Climate Crisis and advises the Idea Seeker Teams working together during the Team Challenges. Though the first attack by Proud Cloud , Sloth Cloud and Angry Cloud has been contained by the Idea Seekers, there is still chance for another attack. King Daveau has decided to talk to the Sarillion Monitor about what he has learned from the climate crisis and what he is doing to be more energy efficient.

First, what would you like to say to the Idea Seeker Teams who fought in the Team Challenge?

I would like to thank you to each and every one of them for joining forces and fighting in the Team Challenge. When we first heard of a possible attack, things looked dark indeed. What would happen to the balance of nature on our beautiful Planet Sarillion and how would that affect the animals and people that live here? Would our rivers and oceans change? Would the weather change causing more violent storms and stronger hurricanes in some areas and drought and unbearable heat in others? Would you polar ice caps melt? Would air pollution make it hard for our people to breathe? Would our crops fail so we had less food to feed our population? Would we lose the wide range of animals we have on our planet because they could no longer find food and water as the environment changes? Would our people turn into Drones for the Darkness and lose their ability to care or take action?

Fortunately, the Idea Seeker Teams did care and together they learned about climate change and how to be energy efficient. They passed on this knowledge to others. They also prevented Pleethars from getting lazy or having petty arguments so behavior changes could be make and important actions be taken. What I really appreciated was how Idea Seeker Teams worked together despite their many differences. It didn't matter if they were Pleethars, Machooians or Humans. They talked to each other and made teamwork happen.

What would you like to say to the winning Idea Seekers of the Team Challenge, Team Greener World?

First, I would like to congratulate Ichi Penquin and Ethan Supernova for winning the Team Challenge. They demonstrated exceptional skills in using their Idea Seeker Roles to play the different expeditions, keep their plant babies powered up, build a fan base to help share information and support and create a t-shirt to get the word out about protecting our planet. The artists on Sarillion were very impressed with their ideas and they are continuing to design T-shirts using these ideas.

I'd also like to congratulate Ally Mollie Lilac for winning the Team Challenge. She supported her favorite Idea Seeker Team by voting for them in the Best Idea Seeker Team Contest.

I am looking forward to hearing about Team Greener World and Mollie Lilac's trip to New York City. I am sure they will have many tales to tell about their adventure on Planet Earth. They will be sharing their new knowledge on global climate change and energy efficiency from their visit to New York on the Planet Earth and hopefully they will also visit schools on Earth to share their Protect the Planet message with other kids.

Since Sarillion's Climate Crisis, what have you done to become more energy efficient?

I immediately began to make changes around the Royal Palace once I learned how to be energy efficient. I had my staff replace the standard lightbulbs in the Palace with compact fluorescent lightbulbs. We have recycling stations located throughout the Palace. We just installed programmable thermostats in several Palace rooms to make sure we are not wasting energy heating and cooling rooms we are not in. Now I unplug my V-phone charger when it is not in use.

Does the Idea Seeker Council have any ideas on how to spread the word of energy efficiency?

It's funny that you ask that. I just got back from an Idea Seeker Council Meeting. A task force has been developed that will help support Idea Seekers and their Allies who are coming up with energy efficiency ideas. We need ideas from all of you to share about how we can make a difference in fighting global climate change by becoming more energy efficient. This will be the fastest way to see a difference in our energy usage as we work to develop alternative energy sources and renewable resources. I'll have more information on this in future interviews but I encourage Idea Seekers and Allies to send me a message if they want to help start the learning in their home towns and schools.

Are you still worried about another attack?

Sadly, yes. The Darkness of Dumbness hates the peace and harmony of Planet Sarillion. There is a very good chance he will attack Sarillion again with other Clouds. Our Secret Security Cameras on Lithia are always on high alert for lurking Clouds. Sarillion's Climate Crisis is not over yet but we will be ever diligent in fighting the Darkness and the effects of his Clouds here or wherever his Clouds appear.

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