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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Ashton, 11, USA

On a bright, sunny morning in the town of KidsCom, Spec was looking at all the pet stores to find the perfect pet for him. Then, he came across a plant baby store. He walked inside and saw all types of plant babies. Then, he came across the one he wanted...a Confidence Plant Baby. So, he bought the Confidence Plant Baby and named it: Zach.

Zach was a very adorable plant baby always wanting to make friends, learn to read and write, eat lots of food, go to school, and lots of other stuff. But, then he wanted to do something real bad! He had a craving to go and see a hockey game!

"Let's go see a hockey game!" Zach said.

"Ok, whatever you say Zach, said Spec. So, they headed off to see the hockey game. They both entered the hockey arena. It was really cold in there and Zach started shaking and shivering so hard his pants were about to go and fall off. So, Spec stuck Zach in his front pocket of his hooded jacket and they both watched the hockey game.

Then, they were watching the game they noticed a hippy tiger out on the field singing the YMCA in his purple and pink pajamas. Everybody in the hockey stands stood up and started following what the young hippy tiger was doing.

Then, all of a sudden...the jealousy cloud was hovering above Spec and Zach. The jealousy cloud zapped Spec and Spec was so jealous of everyone that Zach couldn't get Spec to calm down. So, it was up to Zach to save Spec and everyone else. So, Zach came up with a plan. He would get a reverse jealousy cloud to reverse Spec into his normal self again. But, the question was where would he get a reverse jealousy cloud?

Then, he remembered he saw one on his way to the hockey game arena. He ran over there and introduced himself to the young, pretty reverse jealousy cloud and told her all about his problems. The young reverse jealousy cloud agreed to help Zach out. So, they ran over there and zapped Spec into normal. The day was saved by Zach: The Confidence Plant Baby! Write Me A Story

Cassie, 11, United Kingdom

It was the middle of September and time for the annual High School Autumn Science Fair. In science class the teacher said, "After careful consideration, I've decided to choose Global warming for our experiment. I know lots of you wanted to do electricity and some of you wanted to do space, others wanted to do fire and heat, but I've chosen Global warming, does anyone know why?"

Jenny raised her hand. "Is it cause not everyone knows much and we need to learn more?" she suggested.

"Kind of," said Ms. Smith, the science teacher.

Several hands shot up quickly after Jenny suggested her thoughts.

"Sam how about you? You've not spoke in a while. You're very quiet today."

"Maybe because we've learned about that before."

"Oh, I know please, please I know it," whined Claire.

"Shh," snapped Ms. Smith.

Claire crossed her arms and frowned angrily. "Not fair," she muttered under her breath.

Ms Smith sighed, "Go on Claire; tell us why."

"Okay," Claire said. "Its because in the world today global warming is already going on and were not doing enough to stop it." Claire stood up. "Because in the Artic most of the icebergs are melting due to us carelessly leaving on electronic items like TVs, radios, and lights..."

"Exactly perfect answer Claire, thank you. I'm glad at least one person listened to me, considering we studied it for at least two months." Claire grinned proudly and clapped for herself. The rest of the class then followed, clapping lazily after her. Ms. Smith turned around and wrote out the words, "Global Warming" carefully on the blackboard. "Can anyone else tell me anything they know about global warming?"

No hands were raised. This is going to be hard.



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