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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   September 14, 2007 - Issue #17  
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We give you a tip, trick or special code in every issue to help defeat the Darkness!

Get New Furniture at Tempy's Furniture Store

Decorate your Idea Seeker House with some really cool items found only at Tempy's Furniture Store in Venezia Village.

  • Brighten up your room with some flowers in a vase. Flowers in a vase cost 300 Virtual Points
  • Want to divide your room into two separate rooms? Buy a short room divider for only 500 Virtual Points. Buy a bigger room divider for 800 Virtual Points.

Dress Yourself and Your Idea Seeker Character in T-shirt by Team Challenge 1 Winners

Team Greener World designed a really cool T-shirt promoting energy efficiency that you both your and your Idea Seeker Character can wear.

To get a T-shirt for yourself, visit the Idea Seeker Shop to buy a T-shirt designed by Ichi Penguin from Team Greener World, Raccoon Julie from Team Raccoon and Zelda, Bijou Skeeter from Team Cloud Crusherz and Chauntel Neon from Team Rufa and Chauntel.

Your Idea Seeker Character can also wear a T-shirt designed by Ichi Penguin from Team Greener World. To buy a T-shirt, go to Princess Kimma's room in the Royal Sarillion Palace and enter Kimma's Care Shop through Princess Kimma's Closet. Buy the winning T-shirt for 300 Virtual Points. Pay more Virtual Points and the extra Virtual Points go towards helping scientists who are researching climate change on Planet Sarillion.

More Help for You at the Help Hut

By now you've probably made your way to the Help Hut on the Beach to get your questions answered about all the cool things you can do in the Idea Seeker Universe. The Help Hut is filled with even more items that tell you the other fun things you can do in the Idea Seeker Universe. For instance, have you ever wondered?

  • How to get back to your Idea Seeker Home Page?
  • What happens when you click on smaller viewscreens of various colors?
  • How you can learn more about the Idea Seeker Story?

Get answers to those questions and more at the Help Hut on the Beach!

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