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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   September 28, 2007 - Issue #18  
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About an Idea Seeker - Skeeter

Skeeter is from Planet Earth and one very cool guy. Though the saxophone is the first instrument he learned to play, Skeeter can make anything into an instrument. He's made instruments out of fence railings, garbage cans and empty boxes. Skeeter can also listen to a song once and then play it from memory. He's often found at the Palace Courtyard having a spontaneous music jam.

Besides music, Skeeter is also very involved in energy efficiency. He is friends with many of the Idea Seekers on Planet Sarillion and was very upset when it was attacked by the Darkness of Dumbness and his Clouds of Chaos with a climate crisis. But thanks to the Idea Seeker Teams, Skeeter was able to learn a lot about energy efficient, and is using these ideas in his daily life. This is very important because Planet Earth is also facing a climate crisis.

What did you first think when you heard Sarillion was being attacked by the Darkness of Dumbness and his Clouds of Chaos?

I always knew the Darkness and his Clouds were up to no good, but I never thought they'd come up with something like a climate crisis. I really dig the peace and harmony of Sarillion. A climate crisis could have busted that up. However, I knew the Idea Seekers are cool cats and would join forces to help King Daveau, Princess Kimma and the rest of the Pleethars in fighting the Darkness and the Clouds. I'm always know that people have to believe in themselves when facing something not cool.

You live on Planet Earth. Why were you so concerned about a climate crisis on Sarillion?

Well, I have a lot of friends on Sarillion, like Princess Kimma. She's cool. But Earth is also dealing with a climate crisis. We need to learn about climate change and how to reduce CO2 being released into the atmosphere by becoming energy efficient.

Did you get any great advice from the Idea Seekers on how to be energy efficient?

Thanks to the Idea Seekers, I learned some really radical ideas on how to be energy efficient in my life. I just changed the lightbulbs in my rehearsal space to compact fluorescent lighbulbs. And I'm learning how to recycle old instruments into new instruments.

Has learning about climate change and energy efficiency influenced your music?

Yeah, I think music should be about uplifting people's lives as well as entertaining. I'm currently working on a song about energy efficiency called, "Be Cool. Be Green." It's a pretty cool jam. I usually work out my music with my Skeeter Music Machine.

I'm going to play "Be Cool. Be Green" at a Save the Planet Concert. I'm even going to wear a really cool T-shirt designed by the Idea Seeker Teams. Music is one way to get your Wa flowing and share your ideas with others.

I've heard you can predict the future. Do you have any predictions?

Yea, man, I think more people on Earth and on Sarillion are going to tune in to being energy efficient. It will be the cool thing to do.

Skeeter, are you ever going to tell us why you're always wearing sunglasses?

Nope, a dude has got to have his secrets.

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