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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Kiara, 11, Brazil

Spec had a crush on a girl at school called Mia. It was the day before the school dance and she hadn't been asked yet. Spec's pal Confidence came to see him.

"I can't bring myself up to asking Mia out! I'm too nervous plant baby!" Spec said.

Confidence gave him a pat on the back, "If you really want to, ask her, if she says no it won't have any impact when you're 15!" Confidence said. Spec felt a speck of light inside of him. He could suddenly feel the energy and he knew that he would ask Mia to the dance.

He moved away from his locker and into the gym room. He never worked out, that's why he was weak and slightly flabby on his tummy. He went in and found Mia. He hadn't eaten lunch and was starving as always. His tummy rumbled.

He got up to Mia and said, "Will you go to the dance with me?" Mia nodded. He went to eat his sandwich and chips happily. The next night he found himself with his dream date waltzing on the dance floor. To celebrate he ate like a pig! Write Me A Story

Shauna, 13, United Kingdom

Hey I'm Buck and I'm a rooster. Man, am I proud too. You should see my super duper mega silky feathers dude. Well anyhow let's get on with my great adventure. It was just like any other boring day on Mother Hen Farm. I was enjoying stuffing my face with succulent birdseed, when I heard an ear splitting scream! I being the hero ran over to save the damsel in distress. It was Penny the Henny, my secret crush! I darted in like a bullet and asked what was wrong.

"Oh it was horrible," she exclaimed.

"What was?" I asked.

"A big scary man ran in and told me he would eat me, if I didn't find him the magic egg and give it to him by tonight!"

"Oh dear that is a problem, I know where the egg is, but it belongs to our farmer and its locked up in the windmill."

"Surely you could get it for me Buck, a big strong rooster like you."

"Ooh Penny, I'll try my hardest my fluffy friend."

Great, so now I had a mission; a hard one. It was down to me to save Penny from certain death! I waddled over to the fence and tried to figure out how to escape. After patrolling up and down the fence I spotted a small hole in the wire and dug my way out. Once free on the other side, I located the windmill and set off in that direction. Using bushes as cover, I slyly crept closer. It was beginning to get dark. I knew I didn't have long. The door of the windmill loomed in front of me and by chance it happened to be open. Hardly believing my luck, I snuck inside.

There in front of me on as high ledge was the egg. But then just when I was thinking it was easy the farmer stepped out from a dark corner with a carving knife in his hand. Throwing caution to the wind, I pelted towards him, launched myself off the floor and pecked him. Then I scrambled up the boxes that littered the room and hopped onto the ledge. Securing the egg in my mouth, I jumped back down and scurried home. Penny was so pleased that I had saved her that she kissed me on the cheek and said she loved me. Gosh I'm one lucky guy!



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