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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   September 28, 2007 - Issue #18  
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Help Oscar!

While walking and talking in the Idea Seeker Universe, go to the Palace Grounds. There you will the Fountain of Giving. Click on this fountain to read a story about a dog or cat at the Wisconsin Humane Society who needs help. We have a new animal for you to help, a puppy named Oscar. Oscar is a stray brought into the Wisconsin Humane Society by a very nice lady. Right now Oscar is very sick and needs lots of care. He is taking medicine that is helping him get stronger. Oscar loves to be held by the Humane Society Staff and often drifts off into sleep while being held in someone's arms.

With medication, it will cost $300 to care for Oscar. Will you donate enough Virtual Points to pay for some of Oscar's care? Princess Kimma's parents said they will donate $100 if Idea Seekers donate 200,000 Virtual Points. You can also invite your own parents to help you make a real money donation. The Fountain of Giving is a way for both Idea Seekers and Allies to make a positive difference in the world. So far Allies and Idea Seekers in the Idea Seeker Universe have raised enough Virtual Points to help three cats and two dogs get well and find homes.

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