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About an Idea Seeker - Princess Kimma

Princess Kimma is always keeping busy. She discusses Cloud fighting strategies with the Idea Seeker Council, she works on strengthening her skills as an Idea Seeker Reminder and designs clothing items for her Care Shop. Princess Kimma recently found out about Halloween traditions on Planet Earth. Princess Kimma is so excited about these traditions she's bringing them to Sarillion.

How did you find out about Halloween?

I was talking to some of my friends Dumonde and Skeeter on Planet Earth and they started talking about Halloween. I hadn't heard about Halloween before. They told me about wearing Halloween costumes, going from house to house to trick or treat for yummy snacks and going to haunted houses to get scared but still have fun.

Which is your favorite Halloween tradition?

Because I love fashion and design so much, I'd have to say Halloween costumes. Dumonde and Skeeter told me about all the different costumes people wear and I knew I had to design some costumes for everyone on Sarillion. Idea Seekers can buy costumes at my Care Shop, and if they pay more than the asking price the extra money will be donated to scientists who are researching how to be more energy efficient.

But there is another reason why I designed the costumes. One of the Secret Security Cameras on Lithia has sighted some odd activity near Sarillion. We're not sure if it's another Cloud but we must always be on high alert for any suspicious Cloud activity. I designed the costumes so the Idea Seekers can be in disguise whenever they fight the Clouds of Chaos. The Clouds are much too stupid to recognize an Idea Seeker wearing a really cool costume.

You mentioned the Halloween tradition of haunted houses. Won't that be too scary?

When Dumonde and Skeeter told me that when people visit haunted houses they go in groups. Idea Seekers are very good at helping others remember what is real. They are doing a tremendous job in helping others from getting clouded during the current attack on Sarillion by the Clouds of Chaos. Certainly, Idea Seekers can help each other in a haunted house. That way they can remind each other it is just pretend so it is fun and not scary.

Idea Seekers can make their own houses into haunted houses by buying haunted house furniture at Tempy's Furniture Gallery in Venezia Village. And if they put up a Haunted House poster, they can click on that and get a list of other Idea Seekers who have haunted houses that they can visit.

Back to the Halloween costumes, they look great. Are you going to design more costumes?

Yes, I just finished a bunch of other designs. They will be available in my Care Shop next week.

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