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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   October 12, 2007 - Issue #19  
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We give you a tip, trick or special code in every issue to help defeat the Darkness!

Make your Idea Seeker House into a Haunted House!

Shop Tempy's Furniture Gallery in Venezia Village for these Halloween decorations.

Going Batty Bats-350 Virtual Points

Cauldron of Mystery-500 Virtual Points

Cobwebs of Confusion-300 Virtual Points

Coffin of Terror-800 Virtual Points

Ghastly Ghost-600 Virtual Points

Jardim Jack-o-Lantern-400 Virtual Points

Scary Skeleton-650 Virtual Points

Haunted House Poster-10 Virtual Points!

Put the Haunted House poster in your Idea Seeker House. When you click on it, the poster will take you to a list of other Idea Seekers with Haunted Houses. Take a tour of the houses and have a spook-tacular time! In order to participate in this Haunted House event so other kids can visit your house, you must place a Haunted House Poster in one of your Idea Seeker rooms.

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