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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   February 16, 2007 - Issue #2  
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An Idea Seeker Store Success Story

The Idea Seeker Stores have only been up a short time, but already The Sarillion Monitor has learned that one user has made more Virtual Points in his Store than any other user. "Iím a legitimate business man," said Dominic Gecko, who has made 137,065 Virtual Points by selling items in his Store. "The trick is to buy low and sell high," Gecko told reporters. "Thatís all there is to it. I make an offer for less in the MarketSpace stores. Then put them in my store for a higher price, and thatís how I make Virtual Points." Buy items at a low price, and sell them for a higher price. Thatís the way you can make Virtual Points in your Store.

Dominic Gecko said that he uses the Plant Baby Guidebook to find out which items are the favorites of the Plant Babies, and then stocks his store with them. "People with Hope Plant Babies love those Sarillion Strawberries. I couldnít keep Ďem on the shelf, yíknow?" People come back to Dominic Geckoís store because heís always got their Plant Babiesí favorite items. A little planning goes a long way for this Idea Seeker Store owner.

"If you need any Blaycorian Bracelets, Iím the guy who can get them for you." said Gecko. If you canít find it on Washi or Sarillion, try the Idea Seeker Stores.

Idea Seeker Stores are one of the benefits you get when you upgrade from an Ally to an Idea Seeker. Join the Idea Seekers to get a store of your own.

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