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Check out some of best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges. Write Me A Story

Denny was the coolest kid in school and every girl in school liked him, but Denny only liked the girl that didn't like him, and that was Shelby. She had blonde long hair and cute dimples. She was good at math, reading, and science, just like Denny. Shelby always wore a ponytail and a shirt and shorts. She was a tomboy and didn't have any friends that were girls. Denny and Shelby had been friends forever. Now they were in 6th grade and it was the Valentine's Dance.

Denny got all dressed up hoping that Shelby would want to dance with him. Soon it was 6:00 and the dance started at 6:30. Denny rode his bike over to the Junior High. His best friends Matt and Steven were waiting for him. Matt liked Kelsey and Steven liked Jamie. Soon Shelby arrived in a pink skirt and white sparkly shirt.

"Hey Den," Shelby always called Denny by his nickname, Den.

"Hi" he called back.

They walked into the cafeteria that was covered in red, white, and pink streamers. There was food and punch too.

"It looks great," Denny admired.

Shelby nodded. Denny decided now was his chance to ask her, now after all these years, he'd be known not just as a secret admirer.

"Do you wanna dance maybe?" Denny asked as he looked down.

"Okay," Shelby grinned.

Denny looked up to see Shelby ahead of him walking to the middle of the floor. He smiled as she held out her hand. A slow song came on and Denny turned red, but they danced to the music together anyways. As soon as the dance ended Denny looked down to avoid eye contact, but instead of one of her grins Denny got a splash of water!

"What was that?"

Denny wiped his forehead, which was all wet.

He looked at a dripping rose that was on Shelby's sparkly white shirt.

"Squirting flower," Shelby said.

Instead of being mad, Denny burst out laughing with Shelby joining in.

"You're something Shelby," Denny grinned.

Shelby grinned too and then the miracles of miracles happened. Shelby kissed Denny.

"I have always liked you Den," she said it with such sureness it was amazing she wasn't at all nervous.

"Me too," Denny answered.

"Good," Shelby smiled.

Denny smiled back just as another song came on, but this one was fast. "Wanna dance?" Denny asked.

"Definitely," Shelby grinned.

The two danced together all the rest of the night.

Elizabeth, Age 12 USA


Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

OH no, Tra, Confidence and Hope have to team up together and help Riley out give him confidence and hope.

"Tra, whats going on?" Confidence asked.

"Rileys Dumb! of course didnt you kno that? WHO CAN'T SEE THAT!" Tra shouted back!

"I CAN'T SEE THAT, ALL I SEE IN RILEY IS PLANT BABY THAT NEEDS HELP!" Hope Snapped back. "Confidence and I are here to help Riley out!" Hope announced!


Riley stayed strong and won, and Tra learned a lesson!

Ezy, Age 12 USA



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