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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   October 26, 2007 - Issue #20  
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How Well Do You Disguise Yourself from the Clouds?

How Well Do You Disguise Yourself from the Clouds?

In every corner of Sarillion lurks the Clouds of Chaos. On a mission from the Darkness, they try to infect people with Cloud Sickness. If they can keep people from taking action then they have a better chance of creating so much CO2 that it will have an impact on global climate change. The Clouds like to mist people's thinking so they don't change their behavior by saying things like it's not important to be energy efficient. But Idea Seekers know that it is.

In their efforts to fight the Clouds and their horrible lies, Idea Seekers are disguising themselves in Halloween costumes from Kimma's Care Shop. With a disguise, an Idea Seeker can fight the Clouds without identifying who they are. That way, the Idea Seekers can spread the important message of being energy efficient to fight climate change on Sarillion without being discovered by the Clouds.

The Idea Seeker Council has been very impressed with how well the Idea Seekers are disguising themselves. They are using Halloween costumes that Skeeter and Dumonde brought from the United States on the Planet Earth. Kids on Earth use these to dress up and then go from house to house asking for a treat, but sometimes they get a trick be careful. This is called Trick or Treating. To reward these Idea Seekers, the Idea Seeker Council is sponsoring a Best Disguise Contest. Starting October 25th, both Allies and Idea Seekers will be able to vote for the best disguised Idea Seeker. You can vote only once. The winner will be announced on October 31st. Vote now and get all of your friends to vote!

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