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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   November 9, 2007 - Issue #21  
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About an Idea Seeker - Tra

Tra and her brother Spec have been fighting the Clouds of Chaos all over the Idea Seeker Universe. Even though their home planet is Machoo, lately they have been on Sarillion helping the Pleethars fight the Darkness's climate crisis attack.

What do you think about the new Cloud Hunter Headquarters?

It makes me feel really good that Kimma's father, King Daveau, wants to thank all the Idea Seekers for helping fight the clouds attacking Sarillion. I think the role rooms are a great gift because they give Idea Seekers special places to hang out with other Idea Seekers who are like them. Each room has special things designed specifically for that role. Like in the Cloud Hunter Headquarters, we have a kicking bag we can use to practice our Waba-Kicking to get ready to fight the clouds.

Spec and I came to Sarillion to help because Idea Seekers go where they are needed, but sometimes I miss my home on Planet Machoo. The Cloud Hunter Headquarters makes me feel better about being here because I can train like I do when I am at home. I might even have some time soon to be help train others by having classes in the Headquarters room.

What are you doing to celebrate the Month of Gratitude?

King Daveau is giving the Idea Seekers role rooms and that makes me want to give something too. I am sending Gratitude Plant Babies to everyone I know! Normally only Idea Seekers (paid members) can have a Gratitude Plant Baby, but right now anyone can get one.

I am also trying to remember to show other people that I appreciate what they do for me. I have a Gratitude Plant Baby and she told me "Saying you are grateful is good, doing something to show you are grateful is better." I think I have always been good about saying "Thank you" to people, but now I am trying to make sure I do something to help them. Earlier today Spec helped me clean up my room after I made a mess trying to find a new disguise. So I made him lunch using a new stove that one of my Idea Seeker friends had in her Idea Seeker House.

What is the latest news you have heard about the Clouds attacking Sarillion with the climate crisis?

Spec and I have been going undercover to try to find out what the Darkness is planning. We think he is going to be sending more clouds soon, but we don't know which ones or when. We are still trying to find out.

King Daveau said he is planning another Team Challenge to get Idea Seekers to help in the fight. When we have more news, it will be posted on the Latest News board on Manabel Beach and I'm sure the Sarillion Monitor will have a report.

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