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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   November 21, 2007 - Issue #22  
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Diplomat Chambers Open House

Diplomat Chambers Open House

King Daveau and Kimma are opening up another area in the Training Tower for Idea Seekers. The first room was for Idea Seeker Cloud Hunters to workout to stay in top shape. This room will be for Idea Seeker Diplomats. It is set up to help them develop skills for reaching out to others and making plans. Having a special area will help them in their training to develop strategic planning skills; and invite others to join the fight and rise to the challenge from the Darkness. The more Idea Seekers that can be prepared the more success there will be in fighting the climate crisis on Sarillion.

The new room is for Idea Seeker Diplomats to help them in working with others. Diplomats are responsible for helping spread the news about becoming an Idea Seeker and identifying places where help is needed in fighting the Darkness as he is attacking and harming animals, people and planets. Stop in to see the new hang out for Diplomats and practice telling jokes on the Diplomat Joke Stage. Diplomats know that sometimes a little humor is helpful when working out a conflict between species or meeting new people and making friends. Stand behind the different microphones on the stage to introduce an Idea Seeker, to tell a joke and to sign off. You even get to say hello and good-bye in different languages.

Right now the room is open to all Allies and Idea Seekers, but in a few weeks, it will be open only to Idea Seekers who have chosen the role of Diplomats. At that time, other Allies and Idea Seekers will have to wait for an invitation to visit.

Stop by today!

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