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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   November 21, 2007 - Issue #22  
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King Daveau

King Daveau

This week we met with King Daveau, Princess Kimma's father. King Daveau is getting ready to call Idea Seekers and Allies together in a Team Challenge to ask Idea Seekers to fight the Clouds of Chaos.

Why are you planning a new Team Challenge?

From our Security Scanners on Lithia and from the information Spec and Tra have been gathering as Undercover Cloud Hunters, we have heard the Darkness telling Proud Cloud, Angry Cloud and Sloth Cloud to work harder to ruin Sarillion. In the last attack, the Idea Seeker Teams did a wonderful job of helping fight the Clouds. They Waba kicked the Clouds successfully to make the Clouds reveal their lies. They also unclouded many Pleethars who had been infected with cloud sickness and turned into Warrior Drones for the Darkness. Warrior Drones follow the directions of the Darkness and act like the Clouds that got them. If you are hit by Proud Cloud you think you are better than everyone else and if you are infected by Angry Cloud you get mad at things. If you get cloud sickness from Sloth Cloud you get very lazy and don't want to do anything. We will need as many Allies and Idea Seekers as we can find to help fight the Darkness again.

In the last Team Challenge, you sent 3 Idea Seekers to New York on Planet Earth. Are you planning to do the same this time?

Ichi Penguin, Ethan Supernova and Mollie Lilac were wonderful ambassadors for us on Planet Earth. They learned what some Master Idea Seekers on Earth are doing to fight the climate crisis on that planet. They brought back that information and shared it with the Pleethars. It is important for all of us to learn more about the types of attack the Darkness has done in other places to allow us to be better prepared to fight him successfully here on Sarillion.

In the next Team Challenge, I will again reward some of the Idea Seekers and Allies who help us with a trip to Planet Earth. They will be going to California to learn from Master Idea Seekers there who are helping change behaviors of people to become more energy efficient and help things that live in the Ocean like seals, whales, otters, fish and coral. The details of this adventure on Earth will be made with an announcement next week.

What else will be different about this Team Challenge?

Well, some things will stay the same. Idea Seekers will form teams and Allies can become fans of the teams. The Idea Seekers and the Allies will play Expeditions giving them action steps to fight against the Darkness and his Clouds. One Idea Seeker team of two and two of their Ally fans that have done important things in our battle against the Darkness will be rewarded with the trip to California on Earth. We will look at each Team's score to determine who will get the reward.

Now, here is what will be get a high Team Score, BOTH the Idea Seekers and their Ally Fans need to play the Expeditions and keep their Plant Babies powered up. So Idea Seekers should help all new Allies learn how to power up and walk with their Plant Babies so they will be ready to become active Fans.

When will the Team Challenge begin?

Next week on November 29 or November 30 we will start.

Until then, Idea Seekers and Allies can start to get ready.

  1. Play Expeditions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to practice fighting the Clouds. Check your Expedition Planner for details.

  2. Practice walking with your Plant Babies in the Idea Seeker Universe. Power them up in Plant Baby Central. Tell other kids how to get their Plant Baby to walk with them if you see them without a Plant Baby.

  3. Idea Seekers can start looking for a teammate. You will want to find an Idea Seeker that is a different Role than you. Check out Idea Seeker Home Pages to find someone you think you can work with.

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