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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Miranda, 8, United States

Spec suddenly stopped screaming at Tra. Patience Plant Baby tapped him on the shoulder. Spec looked at Patience and said, "What do you want?"

Patience looked around; she didn't know what to say. "Well, why are you yelling at Tra? She never did anything to you."

Spec looked at Patience, and then at Tra. He said, "I want to go to the concert but I can't go because I have to fight Darkness of Dumbness."

Patience said, "Well, be patient. If all the Idea Seekers work together to fight the Darkness of Dumbness, maybe you can defeat him and for a big celebration go to the concert." Write Me A Story

Seth, 9, United States

This is a story about a crazy turkey named "Tom Turkey". It all started in the big red solar barn. Tom Turkey was sleeping in the most comfortable hay in the world. Suddenly, Tom Turkey heard a knock on the door. A really tall horse came in.

"Tom Turkey, you have won a karaoke machine," The horse said.

Tom Turkey was thinking in his mind that today would be fantastic! Tom Turkey started passing out papers to all the farm animals telling them that there would be a huge karaoke party tonight at the red solar barn. Tom Turkey couldn't wait till that night.

The hours past and it almost time for the karaoke party. Tom Turkey was very impatient for three more hours. Then as fast as a flash someone knocked on the door. Tom Turkey and Kevin the Cat and the rest of Tom Turkey's friends had a wonderful time. They played lots of games like pin the tail on the donkey and most of all they sang karaoke. That night when all of the animals left, Tom Turkey waddled to his hay nest. As he lay in his hay nest, he was thinking to himself that was the best party ever!



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