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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   November 29, 2007 - Issue #23  
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Cloud Hunter Headquarters Open House

Join the Adventure - Accept the Team Challenge!

King Daveau is announcing a new Team Challenge open to anyone who wants to make a difference in the Universe. He is calling for Idea Seekers to create teams and enlist Allies as team fans to help fight the Darkness and his evil helpers, Proud Cloud, Angry Cloud and Sloth Cloud. They are creating a climate crisis on Sarillion by clouding the Pleethars so they don't change behaviors that are causing problems in the balance of the eco-system. This not only is bad for the Pleethars, Humans, Machooians and other planet visitors, but it is also affecting the animals, fish, birds and plants on the Planet.

The winners of the Team Challenge will get a trip to visit Master Idea Seekers in California who have taken action to make a difference on the planet Earth. In California, they will learn from Master Idea Seekers about what individuals can do to protect the Planet from global climate change. The Master Idea Seekers are asking everyone to become more energy efficient and help things that live in oceans like seals, whales, otters, fish and coral.

The Idea Seeker Team that has the highest Team Score and two of their Team Fans will go on the trip to California and get digital cameras to take pictures to show to others on Planet Sarillion. The second and third place teams will also win a prize package with a recyclable camera and other fun things. And everyone who joins a team as an Idea Seeker or an Ally will get something for their efforts to help the Planet Sarillion.

It is easy to get started. If you are an Idea Seeker you will need to find another Idea Seeker to create your team. Try to choose someone who has a different Idea Seeker Role than you have. So if you are an Idea Seeker Cloud Hunter, you may want to team up with a different role such as an Idea Seeker Diplomat or one of the other roles you can find here. Once you have found a team mate, then choose an animal, fish or amphibian that is being harmed by climate change to be your team symbol. The symbol will appear above your head when you walk in the Idea Seeker Universe so everyone can see what wildlife your team is helping.

It's also easy if you are an Ally. You can join an Idea Seeker team as a Fan. Fans support their Idea Seeker Team by helping them get the highest score. All you have to do to help get points is listed below. To show support for your team and the wildlife they have pledged to help, once you have signed up to join a team you will get the team wildlife symbol above your head when you are walking in the Idea Seeker Universe.

Here is how to get points for your Team Score:

  1. Idea Seekers and Team Fans play Expeditions 6, 7 and 8 when they are announced (you can play each step up to 3 times a day for points)
  2. Idea Seekers and Team Fans keep their Plant Babies powered-up (you get 3 points each day for each powered-up Plant Baby)
  3. Idea Seekers send in an Algae Bloom Tracking Gadget using Dumonde's Gadget Maker. Algae Blooms happen when lots of algae grow quickly in one area. Some of these blooms are poisonous and can harm fish and any animals that eat fish. (The gadgets will be judged by a panel of Master Idea Seekers for creativity at the end of the Challenge.)

Click here for more information about the Team Challenge. King Daveau and Princess Kimma hope you accept the Team Challenge to help make a difference on Planet Sarillion and change the clouded behavior of everyone you talk to. Save the Planet and all the wonderful wildlife on it!

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