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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   November 29, 2007 - Issue #23  
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About an Idea Seeker - Dumonde

We met with Dumonde this week. King Daveau is asking Idea Seeker Teams to use Dumonde's Gadget Maker to create a gadget to help fight the climate crisis on Sarillion.

Why did you create the Gadget Maker?

Well, I love inventing. My parents are busy anthropologists who travel around the Earth studying ancient civilizations. I needed something I could use to keep me busy since it is hard to pack a lot of things whenever you move as much as we do. Also I was fascinated to see that different civilizations made different tools to solve problems they had. Some of the tools they made a long time ago are still being used today. I created my Gadget Maker to make new things from things I find wherever I go. I can make gadgets to help me solve problems for all the new challenges I come across in different places. And it's fun to make friends by sharing things I have made with the Gadget Maker.

How does the Gadget Maker work?

It is easy. You just click and drag the different pieces and parts. You can use as many as you want. You can also change their size and color by using the Control Panel. Then you can add some sound effects or music. Once you have it they way you want, you see what it looks like by previewing it. There you can add a title and some description of how it works. Then you can send it to someone as a blueprint or plan for building the gadget.

Did King Daveau ask you to make any changes to the Gadget Maker for the Team Challenge?

Yes, he said he would be asking the Idea Seekers to create an Algae Bloom Tracking Gadget. Algae Blooms happen when lots of algae grow quickly in one area. Some of these blooms are poisonous and can harm fish and any animals that eat fish. This gadget might be something that can be attached to fish so they can take measurements as they swim around.

He asked me to add in some new parts that would be good for that kind of gadget. I also added in a special button so the Idea Seekers can send in their gadgets to be judged.

What else are you doing to help the Idea Seekers fight the Clouds of Chaos on Planet Sarillion?

Princess Kimma is one of my very good friends, so I want to do what I can to help the people on her planet. I am trying to invent new light bulbs that use less energy and I created the W-O-R-D-T-I-F-I-C game so Idea Seekers and their Ally Fans can help me test them and learn important facts about climate change at the same time.

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