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How to power up and walk with your Plant Baby

You will need to have your Plant Baby with you to play many of the Expedition Steps in this Team Challenge.

To walk with your Plant Baby, they need some power. Allies need to have their Plant Babies fully powered-up to walk. Idea Seekers can walk with their Plant Baby as long as it has some power showing in the Power Bars but to get daily Team Challenge score points they have to be fully powered up as well.


Power-up your Plant Baby by giving it Hunger Fighting and Anti-Cloud Power items. You can buy items at the Restaurant and Power Items shops in Jardim Forest or from Idea Seeker stores. Starting next week, you can get free items in the Idea Seeker Universe from the Refrigerator in the Restaurant at the Beach and at the Food Huts in the Help Hut and Maze to make Super Snacks for your Plant Babies.


To give an item to your Plant Baby, go to Plant Baby Central. Click on the item you want to give. You will get a pop-up window asking if you want to give the item to your Plant Baby. If you don't see the pop-up window you have a pop-up blocker, ask your parents to set your computer so that it allows pop-ups from


Each Plant Baby has favorite items. If you give your Plant Baby one of its favorite items, it will get more power from it. Check the Guidebook and look in the Care section to see what your Plant Baby likes.


Give your Plant Baby enough Hunger and Anti-Cloud Power items to fill up both bars to the dark green smiley face. When they are full, your Plant Baby will put on a special outfit.


Click on Walk, Talk, Shop and go to Manabel Island or Sarillion Royal Palace.


Click on the Plant Baby button and choose a Plant Baby you want to walk with.


Now you are ready to fight the Darkness and earn points in this Team Challenge!


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