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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   December 6, 2007 - Issue #24  
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Sloth Clod

Clouds of Chaos Mystifying The Unsuspecting to Become Warrior Drones - You Can Help!

The Darkness has been plotting revenge ever since the Idea Seekers stopped Sloth Cloud's attempt to keep Sarillion's artists from designing T-shirts with climate change messages on them. He has demanded that Sloth Cloud, Angry Cloud and Proud Cloud work twice as hard clouding the minds of Pleethars to make them do the bidding of the Darkness. Idea Seekers are needed to fight back and save Pleethars from becoming Warrior Drones - people so clouded that they stop thinking for themselves and instead do what the Darkness and his Clouds tell them to.

Angry Cloud has begun creating a distraction to cover the facts about climate change and energy efficiency. He has been confusing people by telling them lies and encouraging them to argue and not listen to each other so they won't take action on anything. He hopes to keep them from realizing that using less energy at home helps both the planet and their pocketbooks. By being energy efficient they can reduce the carbon dioxide released into the air from power plants that burn fossil fuels and send energy to their Idea Seeker houses and buildings. This saves them money. But Angry Cloud thinks that if he gets people to argue about what the problem is and not listen to the fact that reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air does matter, then he can keep people from doing something to make a difference.

Meanwhile, Sloth Cloud has gone to work infecting people with laziness, making them so tired and careless that they forget to turn lights off. They won't even walk to another room to turn out the lights when no one is in it.

Proud Cloud, however, has probably worked the hardest at infecting Pleethars with Cloud Sickness and turning them into Warrior Drones for the Darkness. Pleethars all across Sarillion have begun caring so much about their appearance that they stay in the shower much longer than necessary. Not only does this waste energy to heat extra water, but it also creates water conservation problems-- water not available in places that need it for more important things, like putting out fires or providing drinking water. And Warrior Drones created by Proud Cloud are so proud of their cars that they have begun driving them everywhere, even places close enough to walk or bike to instead. This releases even more carbon dioxide into the air from the burning of fossil fuels to power this extra driving. Warrior Drones waste gas or petrol just so they can show off to other people about what a nice car they have to drive!

In order to combat all this clouded thinking among her people, Princess Kimma has announced Expedition #6. The Clouds of Chaos have stepped up their efforts, so the Idea Seekers must fight back just as hard! Angry Cloud has been arguing with people in the Restaurant on Manabel Island, so go there and find the Orange Viewscreen. Join your Team Challenge Idea Seeker teammate and Ally Fans and head to the Village. If you are an Idea Seeker not on a team, find an Idea Seeker to join you in forming one. In the Village, you'll need to save people infected with Cloud Sickness from Sloth Cloud and Proud Cloud. (Proud Cloud has also been seen in the Hedge Maze, so find an Orange Viewscreen there to take him on.) And be sure to have your Plant Baby fully powered up and with you at all times to help you with ideas and tips!

King Daveau and Princess Kimma are counting on you to help clear Pleethar minds of mystifying Cloud Sickness! Remember, every successfully completed step in Expedition #6 helps save the Planet and it earns your Team more points for the Team Challenge. So power up your Plant Babies, rally your Team Fans (remember, your Team Fans can help build your Team Score by playing the same Expedition Steps you do and earning points), and fight back against the latest attack from the Darkness of Dumbness! The Planet Sarillion's fate is in your hands!

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