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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   December 6, 2007 - Issue #24  
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About an Idea Seeker - Princess Kimma

As an Idea Seeker Reminder, Princess Kimma is always busy, especially when her father, King Daveau, recruits Idea Seekers to help him battle The Darkness during his Team Challenges. The Sarillion Monitor recently spoke with Kimma about her father's most recent Challenge.

How excited are you about the current Team Challenge?

Well, I'm definitely not excited that The Darkness and his nasty Clouds are still giving my home planet such a hard time, but it cheers me up knowing that so many great Idea Seekers are willing to help us during our Climate Crisis! I know my father is counting on me to lend a hand, so I'm ready to do everything I can to help him organize the Expeditions. I love visiting the different Master Idea Seekers on Earth at all the cool places we go to. I am especially excited about getting to see Earth marine animals at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center and learn from the people helping them. I wonder if they are studying sea lions, sea turtles or sea otters or other things? I hear you can actually touch sea stars and other creatures at the Center to better understand the importance of keeping Oceans healthy. I know there are amazing animals on the Planet Earth that are also being affected by global climate change like our different species are!

How do you plan to help?

Well, I'm an Idea Seeker Reminder, so whenever I announce a new Expedition, I'll be right there to encourage the Idea Seeker Teams to keep fighting the Darkness when the going gets tough. I'm sure Sloth Cloud will be working extra hard to make the teams feel tired and lazy, so it's up to Reminders like me to help guide everyone and remind them to use their Plant Babies for tips and advice.

I also hope that they will use the Role Rooms my Father has set up in the Palace Training Tower or their own Idea Seeker Houses to have team meetings. It is good to share ideas on what to do to fight the Darkness and his Clouds as they try to keep us from working together.

Also, I love to cook, so I'm excited to make Super Snacks for the Plant Babies of the Teams and their Fans so they have plenty of energy to get through the Expeditions. I have a secret recipe for Royal Palace Chocolate Cookies that I used during the last challenge, but everyone must have been too busy with the Team Challenge to eat, because there were LOTS of leftovers. I hope everyone remembers to work together as a group and to help each other keep their Plant Babies fed!

How do you stay so determined when The Darkness is constantly sending his Clouds of Chaos to Sarillion?

It's hard sometimes, but luckily I always have my Hope Plant Baby at my side. Even Idea Seeker Reminders get discouraged sometimes, and that's why I keep her powered up at all times to remind me to Look again, look beyond, look with vision! This is my way of saying don't give up even though the solution is not easy to see at first glance. As long as so many great Idea Seekers are willing to help save people infected with Cloud Sickness, eventually everyone on Sarillion will remember to stay energy efficient and send less CO2 into Sarillion's atmosphere. It's a tough job, but my Hope Plant Baby always reminds me that with so many people working as a team, the Darkness and his Clouds have no chance to take us over!

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