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We give you a tip, trick or special code in every issue to help defeat the Darkness!

How to make a Super Snack Hunger Fighting Virtual Item

Hi! I'm Kimma. As an Idea Seeker Reminder I know a lot about how to take care of Plant Babies. They help me in my work to clear other people of Cloud Sickness so they don't become the Warrior Drones of the Darkness. When you fully power up your Plant Babies then they can help you help others and you can be more successful in the Team Challenge doing the Expeditions. When you are successful you add points to your Team Score and you help my home planet of Sarillion fight our global climate crisis.

I have just discovered a recipe for making some Super Snack Hunger Fighting Virtual Items that will power-up a Plant Baby. You need different ingredients to make these Super Snacks. And while you can feed what you make to any Plant Baby and watch their Hunger Fighting power bar go way up, each Plant Baby has a favorite Super Snack that will FULLY power them up. There is a special recipe for each Idea Seeker Role to create a different Super Snack. Make a bunch of Super Snacks and sell them in your Idea Seeker store.

Here's how to find and make these Super Snack items!

  1. Know your Idea Seeker Role:
    If you are an Idea Seeker and you don't remember your role, you can check it by going to your Idea Seeker Home Page and looking at your Primary Idea Seeker Role. There are 6 roles, you might be an Idea Seeker Reminder just like me or a Diplomat like Spec or a Scribe like Dumonde. If you are an Ally then you are automatically an Idea Seeker Cloud Hunter.
  2. See What You Can Make:
    Check out the recipe page that I discovered. It shows you what you need to have to create a Super Snack and where to get the ingredients for it.
  3. Get the Ingredients You Need:
    There are a bunch of different ways to get the ingredients:
    1. Find it: Go to the Village, Help Hut Second Room or the Restaurant at the Beach to see if you find what you need. You get one free item from each place each day. You might not get what you want right away, but you can come back the next day to try again. If you can't find what you need for free, you might be able to buy it.
    2. Buy it: Go shopping at the Restaurant in the Jardim Forest to try to buy the item you need.
    3. If you don't find it at the Village, Help Hut or Restaurant or you can't buy it from the Jardim Forest Restaurant, you can check to see if anyone with an Idea Seeker's Store is selling it.
  4. Mix It All Up:
    Once you have all three ingredients that you need, go through the Maze to get to the Maze Shop door. Click on the Maze Shop door and the cook will check to see that you have the right ingredients to make a Super Snack. If you do, the cook will mix the ingredients and give you your Super Snack.
  5. Feed your Plant Baby:
    Give the Super Snack to your Plant Baby. If it is one of their favorite snacks, your Plant Baby will be fully powered-up. If it is not their favorite, they will still get lots of Hunger Fighting power.
  6. Idea Seeker Bonus:
    If you are an Idea Seeker you can also help your Team Fans by selling Super Snacks to them for their Plant Babies in your Idea Seeker Store.



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