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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   December 13, 2007 - Issue #25  
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Algae Blooms appearing in Sarillion Oceans - Is the Darkness to Blame?

Idea Seekers have worked extra hard in the past week to fight back against The Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos. While the Idea Seekers have been able to clear the heads of many Pleethars, Angry Cloud, Proud Cloud and Sloth Cloud continue to encourage people to waste hot water and to take their cars everywhere - even places they could walk or bike to. The Clouds have been kept in check thanks to the brave Idea Seekers participating in Expedition #6, but many Pleethars remain clouded and turned into Warrior Drones for the Darkness.

This week, Sarillion scientists began to notice a change in the planet's oceans. The warmer water and increased sunlight caused a huge increase in the amount of algae in the water. These large clouds of algae are known as Algae Blooms. Scientists say that these Algae Blooms can be dangerous because some kinds of algae are poisonous and can harm fish and any animals that eat those fish.

It is suspected that these Algae Blooms are a direct result of environmental change caused by the clouded thinking of the Warrior Drones of the Darkness. To study this issue further, Idea Seeker Dumonde has updated his Gadget Maker with several pieces of equipment that can be used to make Algae Bloom Trackers. Check out the Tips & Tricks section of the Sarillion Monitor to learn more about how to use the Gadget Maker to help gather important scientific data to better understand these Algae Blooms.

In order to track what else the Darkness is doing to create chaos with his suggestions to cloud thinking and cause excess CO2 emissions, Sarillion scientists have set up a Planet Status news center. The Planet Status page will be updated weekly with the latest stories about the effect Sarillion's Climate Crisis is having on specific parts of the planet.

Meanwhile, Princess Kimma has announced Expedition #7 to continue the fight against The Darkness and his Clouds. Angry Cloud keeps using his Invisible Hate Arrows to start arguments among people about whether or not using less energy saves the planet and saves money. He's even taken the fight to Idea Seekers themselves, going to their houses and starting arguments about whether using energy efficient appliances like refrigerators makes a difference. The truth is that every little bit helps, but Angry Cloud keeps spreading lies to confuse people and convince them that they are doing enough already and that they don't have to make other changes.

Speaking of not working hard enough, Sloth Cloud and Proud Cloud continue to cloud people's minds into thinking that being energy efficient is too much work and not as important as what people want for themselves. Clouded Warrior Drones continue to drive their cars everywhere, wasting fuel and releasing more and more CO2 into the air, either because they are too lazy to walk or bike, or because they are too eager to show off their nice cars.

Princess Kimma urges Idea Seekers everywhere to keep up the fight with Expedition #7. Track down the Clouds of Chaos and keep them from infecting Pleethars with Cloud Sickness. Also, play the Expedition Steps that teach you more about the effects of Global Climate Change on Sarillion's oceans. The more you learn, the more information you can spread to help uncloud others and get them to join in the fight against the Darkness and his Clouds! The animals on the planet need your help and Princess Kimma is hoping you can help make a difference.

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