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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   December 13, 2007 - Issue #25  
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About an Idea Seeker - Spec

We apologize, loyal readers. We had hoped to interview Idea Seeker Spec this week, but were notified just before the interview that he had to cancel! It seems that a large number of clouded Warrior Drones were causing a traffic jam somewhere on Sarillion because they all insisted on driving their cars no matter where they were going! Spec was needed to help clear the minds of the Warrior Drones and convince them that they can walk or bike places when they're close by to save fuel. As we wondered who we could interview on such short notice, a violet mist began seeping into the room and taking the form of the floating, gloating vapor with purple hair and his nose in the air - PROUD CLOUD! Proud Cloud demanded that we interview the only person he could think of that deserved an interview - himself!

All right, let me just check my hair in this mirror before you start. It's important that I always look my bestónot that I really need to work at it!

Um, Mr. Proud Cloud, this is an interview for a newsletter. No one is going to see you.

Well, that won't do! Get a camera in here! Everyone must see my perfect hairdo and my chiseled profile. Anyway, I'm a busy Cloud, so ask me some questions before I have to leave! I'm only gracing you with my presence for so long.

All right. So, um... what have you been up to lately, Proud Cloud?

Ha! What HAVEN'T I been up to? The Darkness has me and some of my partners causing all sorts of exciting havoc on Sarillion! Of course, I don't know why the Darkness doesn't just let me do it all. None of the other Clouds are anywhere near as great as me when it comes to causing chaos! I've been using my Snooty Spears and Self-Involved Bragging Dust to make people so in love with their looks that they take extra-long showers and waste energy heating all that water! Ha!

Wait... "Snooty Spears?" "Self-Involved Bragging Dust?"

What, you've never heard of Snooty Spears before? They're ONLY the most powerful of all the Clouds' weapons. When I hit someone with one of these, they're convinced that they're the most important person in the world and that everyone else comes second. Of course, that isn't true, because I'M the most important person in the world...

I'll bet the Darkness would have something to say about that.

Well, sure, the Darkness thinks HE'S the most important person around, but where would he be without me? I'm the one making kids hog the shower and use up all the hot water! I'm the one that's convinced people to take pride in their cars and waste fuel showing them off by driving everywhere...

Wait, you're causing all these people to drive everywhere? So you're behind that traffic jam Spec had to run off to! You're the reason why he couldn't do this interview!

I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.

Sure you do! You set a trap for Spec so he wouldn't be here and so you could take his place! I bet it drives you crazy that we never ask you for an interview, doesn't it?

Ha! It's your loss, but now that you mention it, this IS the twenty-fifth issue of this silly newsletter and I'm the only thing on Sarillion worth covering! I have no idea why it's taken you this long to come to your senses and interview me.

What? We didn't want to interview you - you made us!

Nonsense. Once this interview becomes the most-read item in the Monitor's history, you'll be begging me for interviews every week! Too bad my time is so valuable. You'll just have to get in line...

Spec: Hey everyone, sorry I'm late! The traffic was - hey, what's HE doing here?

Oh! Um, ahem. Well! Like I said, my time is valuable, and I have places to be, so I'll be going now... yes, yes, very busy... I'm in demand... have an appointment with the Darkness, actually... something about... BYE!

And with that, Proud Cloud vanished in a puff of purple vapor! Perhaps he saw that Spec arrived with his Confidence Plant Baby, who had been helping him remind everyone in the traffic jam that when you're confident and believe in yourself, you don't need to show off or try to convince other people that you're better than they are! When you have confidence, Proud Cloud has no reason to stick around. With that in mind, tune in next week when we finally get that interview with Spec that we were hoping for!

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