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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Kassandra, 10, United States

Skeeter thinks not. He goes to the store to ask how much it cost. Miss Anderson, the clerk said "It is nineteen-thousand and five cents." Then Skeeter checked his pockets. He only had two dollars.

"GOODNESS!" he said, "Why so much?" The clerk said sorry as he left the shop. Even though she wasn't.

He asked his mom for the money. She asked how much. When he told her she flew off the chair she was sitting on. Skeeter began to laugh. Then his mom said "No, for real." Skeeter said for real.

After all that was done he had ten dollars. He worked for ten days in his dads factory and got en of money. He remembered his really poor friend Tracey. He thought he had allot of extra money and gave seventy thousand dollars to the Fountain of Giving and got his new saxophone. But most importantley he was happy about his digestion. The end. Write Me A Story

Lauren Pie, 9, United States

My cat oreo part one

On December 25 2004 Christmas i got my first pet kitten his name was Oreo he was two weeks old when i got him. He is 4 years old now he sleeps with me in my bed every night i feed him all the time he was my best friend. I loved him but when he was two years old i found this site and i stared to play with him less and less but then i remembered that cats have feelings so i played with him more and played here less . But then i saw my online friends were angry that i liked my cat more then i liked them so i played with Oreo for 12 hours and in the site for 12 hours so now i was happy until........ NEXT WEEK MY CAT OREO PART TWO WILL COME SO KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED READERS FOR THE SAD STORY.



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