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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   December 13, 2007 - Issue #25  
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Hi! I'm Dumonde. If you haven't already heard, many of Sarillion's oceans have begun producing Algae Blooms. Algae Blooms are rapid increases in the amount of algae in oceans, lakes, and rivers. These are usually caused by an increase in the amount of nutrients, warm water and sunlight. When this happens, the algae uses up these nutrients and increase in number so quickly that they use more than their fair share. This imbalance of nutrient usage makes it more difficult for fish and other water animals that need the same resources to survive. This has been happening a lot on Sarillion lately because of its Climate Crisis and we need to know where they are happening and what is going on. So I thought I'd help by changing my Gadget Maker into one that people can use to build their own Algae Bloom Trackers! What's an Algae Bloom tracker? Well, it's a gadget that can study the ocean and detect where an Algae Bloom is occurring and send the information back to a station on the land so people know to avoid the area. That's where YOU come in.

How to use the Gadget Maker

  1. The Gadget Maker is found on the Beach next to the Bulletin Board. Click on it to start building your gadget!
  2. With your mouse, click and drag the various pieces and parts you want to use to create your tracking gadget. Choose from basic shapes to hi-tech stuff. You can click and drag to move the pieces in any position. Use as many items as you like.
  3. You can use Dumonde's Gadget Control Panel to tweak out every component of your tracking gadget invention. Click on the piece you want to tweak and then use the sliding bars within the control panel. You can fade, turn and resize every object of your gadget.
  4. Use the Color area to change the colors of your individual pieces. Click on the piece you want to colorize and then click and drag the circle in the color area to the color you want. You can also click on the colored blocks to choose another color.
  5. You can add sound effects and music by clicking in the Music area.
  6. To remove items from your work area, click and drag them to the Trash icon.
  7. Click Start Over to remove everything you've done so far.

Preview Your Algae Bloom Tracking Gadget

  1. When you're done building your tracking gadget, click Preview Your Gadget to see your final creation.
  2. On the preview page, click and type in the text area to name your gadget.
  3. Below the gadget, click and type in the text area to describe how your tracking gadget works.
  4. If you want to make any changes, click Edit Your Gadget.
  5. If you want to start over and make a new tracking gadget, click Create Another Gadget.

For more hints and tricks, including how to send a copy of your Gadget to a friend, click "How to Play" when you go into the Gadget Maker! Have fun!

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