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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   December 20, 2007 - Issue #26  
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Algae Bloom

Manabel Island Waterfall Opens Immediately Hit With Algae Bloom!

Idea Seekers earlier this week were thrilled with the opening of the new Manabel Island Waterfall. The Waterfall was a welcome break from the hard work of playing the Team Challenge Expeditions, battling the Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos as they continue to cloud the minds of Pleethars in an effort to increase the levels of CO2 in Sarillion's oceans.

While there has been progress on Sarillion, damage continues to spread. This week Idea Seekers using Dumonde's Gadget Maker detected an increase in the Algae Blooms infecting Sarillion's oceans. Unfortunately this increase was not detected in time to keep the Algae out of the Manabel Waterfall! This week, one of the water slides turned a slimy shade of green due to a large concentration of algae in the water. This happens when there is an increase in the amount of food, warm water and sunlight in an ocean, lake, or other body of water. When this happens, the algae use up all the food and increase in number so quickly that they use more than their fair share. This imbalance makes it more difficult for fish and other water animals that need the same resources to survive.

Is Angry Cloud Responsible for the Bloom?

It is rumored that Angry Cloud has become so mad at Idea Seekers' efforts to clear Pleethar minds of Cloud Sickness that he focused his attention on the inventors of some of the Algae tracking devices. While many devices worked fine, some didn't work right away. The inventors of the non-working devices got so frustrated they stopped trying, which prevented the Bloom from being tracked to the Waterfall in time to stop it.

Expedition #8 Announced This Week

In order to get the word out that people must keep up the fight against the Darkness and his Clouds and keep up their energy-saving efforts, Princess Kimma this week has announced Team Challenge Expedition #8. Don't give the Clouds of Chaos a chance to catch their breath! Keep working on building Algae Bloom tracking gadgets with Dumonde's Gadget Maker so it can be determined how fast the Blooms are spreading. Keep your Plant Babies powered up and walking with you so that you are always ready if you run into a Cloud. And keep spreading information about the importance of energy-saving techniques like closing doors and vents in rooms that aren't being used (so extra power isn't being used to heat those rooms).

The more you learn, the more information you can spread to help uncloud others and get them to join in the fight against the Darkness and his Clouds! And remember, one lucky Idea Seeker Team and two of its fans will be heading to California to meet with Master Idea Seekers at the end of the Team Challenge. King Daveau and Princess Kimma need your help!

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