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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   December 20, 2007 - Issue #26  
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About an Idea Seeker - Spec

Anyone who read last week's Sarillion Monitor is aware that Proud Cloud distracted Idea Seeker Spec to keep him away from his interview, which forced us to interview Proud Cloud instead. However, Spec arrived at the very end of our conversation with Proud Cloud, causing the purple puffball to run away like the coward he is! This week, we present the interview we wanted to have last week. Here's Spec!

First off, Spec, we apologize for Proud Cloud's behavior, making you late for this interview.

Oh, that's OK, guys. It wasn't your fault! That Proud Cloud just thinks he's more important than anyone else. I'm surprised that he didn't try it sooner!

So, tell us about what you've been doing during the latest Climate Crisis on Sarillion.

Well, ever since Kimma announced Expeditions 6 and 7, I've been busy playing through the Expedition Steps and fighting the Clouds along the way. As a Cloud Hunter, I've been paying extra attention to battling Sloth Cloud and Proud Cloud as they've been convincing people to drive their cars everywhere. In fact, that traffic jam that made me late for the interview was Proud Cloud's doing, and when I figured that out, I got on my non-polluting hovercraft to get here as fast as I could!

What else have you seen during the Climate Crisis that has you concerned for Sarillion?

Well, there are definitely a lot of things going on. This news about the Algae Bloom in the Manabel Island Waterfall has me really concerned! We may not be able to Waba Kick those blooms into mist, but we still can all do our part to keep emissions under control so no more extra CO2 gets into the planet's atmosphere, and from there, into the ocean. Idea Seeker Distillers can teach others how to be more energy efficient, and if people have already been clouded, Reminders like Kimma can help clear their heads and remind them about important ways to keep all that extra CO2 out of the water—you know, walking or biking instead of taking a car somewhere, closing doors and vents in rooms that aren't being used…that sort of stuff. That's the great thing about being an Idea Seeker—no matter your talents, anyone can help if we work as a team!

What's the easiest way to get involved?

Start a Team, or if you're an Idea Seeker Ally, join one that's already been formed! It's not too late—Kimma is announcing Expedition #8 this week, so there is still plenty of work to be done! There are Warrior Drones to be saved, and Clouds to be kicked. Can you guys post the link to the place where everyone can join a Team?

Sure, we'll do that. (Editor's Note: Click here in order to join an Idea Seeker Team.) Any final words for our readers?

Keep those Plant Babies powered up! You'll need them for your battles against the Darkness and those pesky Clouds. I don't go anywhere without my Confidence, Patience and Humor Plant Babies. If it weren't for them, Angry Cloud would have a pretty easy time getting me worked up—oops! Speak of the devil! I just got a signal from my sister Tra that Angry Cloud is making brothers and sisters fight with each other over whether or not they should be closing doors on rooms they're not using! That's my cue to leave! Later, guys!

And with that, Spec was off once again to lend a hand to the Team Challenge. Are you doing your part? Tune in next week for another exclusive Idea Seeker interview!

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