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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Nicole, 13, United States

Then He Tries To Build Another Oven, It Doesn`t Work. Then He Calls Up One Of His Friends Kimma And She Says What`s The Problem?

Dumonde Tells Kimma If She Can Build 1 More Oven. She Says Ok I Will Be There In A Little While. She Comes Over And Says I Got My Tools Here Today I Have A Magic Wrench, A Fast Hitting Hammer, Also A Timer To See How Fast I Am. If I Get Done In Like Less Than 10 Minutes, We Will All Celebrate And Go To The New "Magic Wood Kingdom." They Just Opened We Better Hurry Because It Closes At 5:00 And We Better Get There Soon.

So They Go Off To The Magic Wood Kingdom And They Don`t Worry About The Oven. They Come Home And See The Oven Is Built And Ready For People To Bake Things In. They See Kimmas Dad Named Kind Daveau Fixed The Oven. Kimma Went Up To King Daveau And Hugged Him, Kimma Said I Knew You Could Do It Daddy. King Daveau Was Very Proud Of Kimma, THE END (Hope You All Enjoyed The Story) See You Next Time Bye. Write Me A Story

Dragon Riley, 9, Australia

Balance is meant to help us to not over or under do anything, but Riley was scoffing down all the food he saw!

Balance was trying to help, but Riley's Cloud Sickness was too strong!

Spec weakened Gluttony Cloud.

Balance tried again to heal Riley's Cloud Sickness.

Balance succeeded and everything was back to normal!



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