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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   December 20, 2007 - Issue #26  
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Announcement From Princess Kimma--Meet Plant Baby Joy!

The latest battle against the Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos has been especially tough on the Pleethars, as well as the brave Idea Seeker Teams who have been playing the Expeditions organized by King Daveau and announced weekly by his daughter, Princess Kimma. While the Darkness has been dealt some severe blows lately thanks to the energy-saving tips promoted by the Idea Seekers, he has fought back just as hard. The Algae Blooms spreading all over Sarillion appear to be the result of actions taken because of the clouded thinking of the Warrior Drones in service to the Darkness. This harm to their beloved planet has hurt the morale of many Idea Seekers.

In an attempt to keep the Idea Seeker Teams from getting discouraged or depressed, King Daveau has approved a massive planting of Joy Plant Baby seeds! Joy Plant Babies were first discovered long ago on Sarillion, helping the planet build its reputation as one of the most enjoyable worlds known. Since then, they have spread throughout the universe, searching for planets in need of their touch. Now they are needed back on their homeworld, so all Idea Seekers are able to own their own Joy Plant Baby!

What makes the Joy Plant Baby a great addition to your collection of Plant Babies?

  • They are very effective against Angry Cloud and Jealousy Cloud
  • They work well with Idea Seeker Reminders who are helping people recover from Cloud Sickness
  • They also work well with Idea Seeker Prophets, who find joy in discovering how things work in nature
  • They even work well with Humor Plant Babies! Their laughter and happiness join forces and become extra strong, creating an umbrella of humor and joy that can protect dozens of people at once from the darkest Cloud Attack

Check out Plant Baby Joy in your Plant Baby Guidebook and add her to your collection. Use her to start spreading happiness and joy to your fellow Idea Seekers today!

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