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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   December 27, 2007 - Issue #27  
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The Darkness Keeps Up the Fight - Algae Blooms Continue to Spread

Sarillion Monitor reporters have learned that the Darkness of Dumbness is furious with his Clouds of Chaos. The Darkness had expected the planet to plunge deep into a Climate Crisis that it wouldn't be able to dig out of. The Climate Crisis continues, but thanks to the Idea Seekers and Allies participating in King Daveau's Team Challenge Expeditions 6, 7 and 8, the situation is far from hopeless.

The effects of the fight against the Darkness have begun to take hold. Everyone on the planet is paying attention to the lessons being taught to them by Idea Seekers and Allies and learning how extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere gets into the oceans as well. Pleethars are driving their cars less, choosing to walk or bike when they can. Sales of appliances with the Energy Star label have increased, and people are taking shorter showers in order to use less hot water.

In response, the Darkness is reportedly demanding that Sloth Cloud and Proud Cloud double their efforts to convert Warrior Drones by convincing people that the new lessons they are learning about energy efficiency don't really make a difference. Despite news from the planet's scientists that these energy-saving techniques are working, they continue to infect anyone who will listen with Cloud Sickness, so it's important to keep up the fight. Be sure to keep checking the Planet Status page to see how clouded thinking continues to affect the environment. 

Algae Blooms Increasing in Number

Algae Blooms continue their spread through Sarillion's oceans. These large concentrations of Algae look like a giant green cloud in Sarillion's oceans. Some suspect that the Darkness is determined to keep the Algae Blooms growing because they remind him of his Clouds of Chaos! The Darkness would like nothing better than for every photo taken of the planet Sarillion to have a slimy green reminder of how powerful his Clouds are.

Keep Playing the Team Challenge!

Idea Seeker Reminder Princess Kimma is urging Idea Seekers and Allies to continue playing Expeditions 6, 7 and 8 of the Team Challenge. This week she is stressing that members of Idea Seeker Teams remind their Team Fans to keep playing the Expeditions as well, because when they earn Team Points, they are added to the Team's overall score. Each step in the expeditions can be played three times per day, so just because you've completed a step already doesn't mean it can't be re-played. We all need to be constantly reminded of ways to help reduce CO2 emissions, and repeating things we've learned already is the best way to remember them. And be sure to keep your Plant Babies powered up, and to keep using Dumonde's Gadget Maker to develop new Algae Bloom Trackers! Check out last week's Monitor for a reminder of what an Algae Bloom Tracker is and why it's important.

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