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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   December 27, 2007 - Issue #27  
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About an Idea Seeker - Joy Plant Baby

Last week Idea Seekers were thrilled by Princess Kimma's announcement that her father, King Daveau, approved a mass planting of Joy Plant Babies. These graceful dancers are known for spreading joy and happiness on planets where it is needed, so they are a welcome addition to the fight against The Darkness and his Clouds here on Sarillion. To get to know Joy Plant Babies a little better, we decided to speak with Princess Kimma's Joy Plant Baby.

First off, thank you for speaking with us, um... shall we call you Joy, or has Princess Kimma given you a name yet?

Oh, she hasn't gotten around to naming me yet, but that's fine! I'm really happy I was adopted by someone who I know will take great care of me! You can call me Joy for now. It's a great name!

Then tell us, Joy, why did King Daveau approve this mass planting by the Idea Seekers?

When the Algae Blooms started really spreading around the planet, the King felt that the Idea Seekers needed some help boosting their spirits, and what's better for that than a helper like Joy? We're here to turn frowns upside down and help everyone stay excited about how each small action can build to make a big difference. Changing behaviors to save energy can help everyone on the planet.

What sort of skills do Joy Plant Babies bring to the fight against the Darkness?

I'll bet if you looked in a mirror right now, you'd see your huge smile and see exactly what we do! [giggle] That nasty Angry Cloud couldn't possibly make you mad right now! See, we try to spread joy and happiness everywhere we go by singing and humming and dancing and skipping and getting people to dance with us, too. And if you look really closely when we're around, you just might notice that the sun seems brighter, or that flowers are blooming where there was just dirt before! Is that because of us? People seem to think so, but I prefer to think it's because when people do things to make a difference it helps them see things they didn't notice before!

So how can Idea Seekers adopt their very own Joy Plant Baby? I imagine everyone will want one after reading this interview.

Aw, that's sweet of you to say! Well, Idea Seekers (those are the paid members) can go to the Plant Baby Guidebook in Plant Baby Central and click on my picture! They'll see a button that says "Buy This Plant Baby" and that's all it takes! And if you're an Idea Seeker Ally, you can adopt a Joy Plant Baby after you upgrade to an Idea Seeker (paid) Membership. How can you upgrade? Ask if you can use your own money to pay for the account or maybe you can earn some money to pay for the account by asking what jobs you can do.  

Be sure to fill your Joy Plant Baby up with yummy Jether's Jumpin' Jello and Maneor's Mongo Tacos - those are our favorite foods! And a dose of Jardim Jumping Juice will power us up to help you take on those pesky Clouds!

Well, thanks for stopping by, Joy. We have to say, you're definitely a - er, well, a joy to be around!

[giggle] Aw, thanks!

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