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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 3, 2008 - Issue #28  
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King Daveau

King Daveau Extends His Thanks!

King Daveau wishes to extend his most sincere thanks to all Idea Seekers and Allies who participated in the Team Challenge over the last few weeks. Thanks to everyone's hard work, Pleethars and visitors on Sarillion are recovering from Cloud Sickness at a rapid pace. They are also seeing a change in the planet status of Sarillion by using the energy-saving tips they learned in Expeditions 6, 7, and 8. If they learn more about the different Plant Babies and their effect against the Darkness, they might be able to totally stop his evil plan for global climate change on Sarillion. However, if they can't raise enough awareness among Idea Seeker allies, the planet may still be plunged into a Climate Crisis so deep that it could never recover. Imagine all of the animal and plant species that may be lost forever! This cannot be allowed to happen.

A key opportunity for the Idea Seekers to strike back against the Darkness came in the form of a fight that broke out between his Clouds of Chaos. Last week, a huge Algae Bloom clouded Sarillion's oceans, leading many to believe that the Darkness had planned it as a huge reminder of the slimy power of his Clouds. When this rumor got back to the Clouds of Chaos, apparently they began fighting amongst themselves, each claiming that the Algae Bloom was meant to look like them!

First, Proud Cloud insisted that only he was deserving of a slimy, gooey portrait of himself, so it must have been made to look like him. Then Jealousy Cloud began to argue that since the Algae Bloom was green, it had to have been based on her. This angered Angry Cloud, who couldn't believe that Jealousy Cloud would have such nerve, especially since she hadn't even been helping out during the latest attacks on Sarillion! As they argued, Sloth Cloud was apparently quoted as saying, "well, if everyone else is fighting instead of working, I'm sure not going to do anything." The Clouds spent so much time arguing with each other that they forgot what they were supposed to be doing on Sarillion! This gave the Idea Seekers and their Allies the opportunity they needed to clear the heads of every clouded Warrior Drone on the planet.

Algae Blooms Disappearing

As Pleethars and other planet visitors recovered from Cloud Sickness and the Clouds of Chaos argued with each other, the planet's Algae Blooms began to disappear, including the one that had closed one of the water slides in the Manabel Island Waterfall. Idea Seekers and Allies were thrilled to discover that they could once again enjoy both water slides.

The Team Challenge May Be Over, But the Climate Crisis Continues

King Daveau and his daughter, Princess Kimma, wish to remind everyone that while the Team Challenge was successful and the Darkness was foiled in his plans for now, the Climate Crisis is still not over! Pleethars must be constantly reminded to use the energy-saving tips they have learned in the last few weeks, otherwise the Crisis could get worse once again, opening the door for the Darkness and another one of his schemes! Kimma reminds everyone to keep watching the Planet Status page for ongoing developments in Sarillion's Climate Crisis.

Winners Announced Soon...

In the meantime, keep an eye out for the announcement of the winners of the Team Challenge! One lucky team and two of their Fans will be on their way to California on Planet Earth to meet with Master Idea Seekers who are doing all sorts of cool stuff in order to help that planet's environment and the animals that are endangered. When the winners are announced, we'll have the news for you right here first in the Sarillion Monitor!

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