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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 3, 2008 - Issue #28  
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About an Idea Seeker - Tra

Idea Seeker Tra, from the planet Machoo, has had a busy few weeks helping out the Pleethars on Sarillion during the latest Team Challenge. Now that it's wrapping up and it looks like the Darkness and his Clouds have retreated for the time being, Tra was able to take a few minutes to chat with the Monitor.

How does it feel knowing this Team Challenge is over?

It feels great for now, but I know that it may not last! That's something I hope everyone remembers-even though we managed to successfully fight back against the Darkness this time, he'll try something again soon, so we all have to be on the lookout.

How would you suggest people stay on their guard against the Darkness and his evil climate change plan?

The same way we fight against him-by promoting the same energy efficient behaviors we do when he attacks. Personally, I'd love to head out into space and look for him myself, but my two Patience Plant Babies insist that the best way to fight the Clouds isn't by rushing off to hunt them down. Instead, they tell me it's best to continue the fight by working on our energy usage behaviors down here. We have gotten all of the people who were turned into Warrior Drones for the Darkness unclouded, but they are still learning what happened. We also need to start looking at finding renewable energy sources if we are truly going to make ourselves less likely to add to global climate change through excess CO2 emissions. If you care for animals at all, you just have to make a change. It isn't Waba-kicking, but it's an important part of the fight against the Darkness.

And when he does come back? What then?

I'm sure when that happens King Daveau will have another Team Challenge ready for us to work on together to fight back. And I'm sure we'll all hear about it right here in the Monitor! Until then, I'm excited to find out who won this last Team Challenge! They get to go to California and meet Master Idea Seekers there! This time they are going to invite others to join them for a special evening at the Tech Museum in San Jose. They are also going to blog to us regularly and send us pictures of what they are seeing. That way all of us can participate that weekend on their trip. They're going to have a great time, and so are we!

Sounds like someone has a new Joy Plant Baby, Tra.

Ha! How did you guess? Yeah, I just adopted her. She's adorable! I haven't come up with a name for her yet, but she definitely helps me see the bright side of everything. I feel lucky to be an Idea Seeker, otherwise I never would have gotten to adopt her!

Um... hey, guys, do you mind if I cut the rest of this interview short? I'm meeting Spec to head back to Machoo and visit with our Grandfather Lahzar, and he's expecting me in two hours.

Two hours? Doesn't sound like you need to be in a hurry.

Yeah, but I'm really excited to get back, and I want to beat Spec to where we're meeting! He thinks I'll be late but I'm going to surprise him. I'll talk to you later, OK?

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