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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Jackie, 12, United States

Confidence Planet Baby noticed that Princess Kimma had been been very greedy... A villager told him the whole thing, Confidence Planet Baby flew back to notice so many progammable thermostats.

"Wow.. why does she need so many of these stuff..?" He decided to find this Princess Kimma.. He walked all around the castle. "My God! How many stairs does she need?!"

At last, after five minutes of tiring-stairs, He found Princess Kimma. He stared at her for a bit, and realized that Greedy Cloud had taken over. "No wonder... Greedy Cloud possessed a princess."

He grabbed his Sacred Four Something Light Saver. "Time to end this Greedy Cloud!" His light saver couldn't damage humans, so his job was no problemo, til' he realized the cloud dodged it. "Geez, this is going to be fun." he moanned. He dashed to the Greedy Cloud and tried to eliminate him, but he kept dodging. "Guess, i have no choice." He pulled out a powerful staff, and uses his magic sealing (well, not sealing exactly.) He used the Laputaian language and broke the Greedy Cloud's possesion, but by that time. Confidence Plant Baby fell to the ground, with no energy. Write Me A Story

Amoux Atomic, 12, United States

A long time ago in a galaxy not too far from earth there was a boy who would change everything.

"OLK retire from your rest area NOW."

"YES MOTHER," replied Olk. "Be down in a earth second." (for his world a second was two or three of our seconds.) Olk was rather humanoid with two arms, two legs, and one head oh and 0ne razor sharp scorpion tail. His environment was similarly comparable with earth except each planet was about 20 kilometers wide and across with the exception of planet sphere which had the volume of 3 earth suns.


"YES MOTHER" exclaimed Olk. He lazily drooped down the stairs like a deflated balloon.

"Finally you're down" said Olk's mother. "Amoux requested your companionship. He's waiting outside."

Olk roared down the steps to meet Amoux waiting for him. Olk and Amoux were the best of friends.

"Hey Olk" whispered Amoux. "Do you wanna go to planet spear?"

Olk looked at Amoux like he was daft. "O,o,Okay if you have the pressure suits and sky gliders sure" stuttered Olk. (this surprised Olk so much because that planet was forbidden and the trespassing penalty was prison for life)

"I stole them from an unconscious moderator!" explained Amoux. (moderators made it so no one asked too many questions. They were bodies with electricity pods and sometimes the pods ran out.) After many hours of pleading on Amoux's part he finally convinced Olk to go to the sphere with him ...



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