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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 3, 2008 - Issue #28  
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New at the Venezia Furniture Store - Stackable Snowmen!

Decorate your house with these fun new wintry items! Stackable Snowmen are now available at the Furniture Store in Venezia Village. Bottom, middle, and head snowballs are all available for you to buy, mix and match in any combination you want! Stack them in regular ways or make up funny matches -it's up to you!

All Stackable Snowmen parts cost only 400 VPs:

  • Stackable Snowman Head with Top Hat
  • Stackable Snowman Head with Cap
  • Stackable Snowman Head with Pine Hair
  • Stackable Snowman Torso with Twig Arms
  • Stackable Snowman Torso with Scarf
  • Stackable Snowman Torso with Coat
  • Stackable Snowman Body with Coal Buttons
  • Stackable Snowman Body with Sneakers
  • Stackable Snowman Body with Boots

(Editor's Note: Speaking of Winter fun, if you're planning on going skiing, the snow you'll be skiing down may not even be real! Find out why here.)

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