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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 10, 2008 - Issue #29  
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Team Red Fox Wins the Team Challenge!

Team Members Syd Angelfish and Ann Pika to head to California!

King Daveau and the Idea Seeker Council congratulate Syd Angelfish and Ann Pika of Team Red Fox for their excellent work during the Team Challenge. Team Red Fox finished in first place with a score of 80,423 points and had the help of nearly 600 Team Fans! Syd and Ann completed all the steps in Expeditions 6, 7 and 8, helping the planet Sarillion fight back against the Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos, keeping their Plant Babies powered up and with them the whole time. Ann also built the team's Algae Tracking Device using Dumonde's Gadget Maker.

King Daveau and the Idea Seeker Council will now send the winners to California, where they will meet with Master Idea Seekers who are doing really cool things to fight the behaviors that are encouraged by the Darkness and are affecting Earth's climate and eco-systems. They will visit the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose and the West Valley San Jose Library, as well as learn about marine animals when they explore the exhibits and tide pools at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center in Santa Cruz.

Congratulations to the Silver and Bronze Prize Winners! (Image - 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place team animal badges)

Team Red Fox aren't the only winners in the Team Challenge. King Daveau has awarded Silver and Bronze prize packages to other Idea Seeker Team Members and Idea Seeker Team Fans as well! Head over to the Team Challenge page to see who won The Silver Prize Package of a Hope Plant Baby Keychain, pencils, a disposable camera, and other cool prizes, as well as the Bronze Prize Package of a three month Idea Seeker Membership on!

King Daveau sincerely thanks everyone who helped Sarillion by participating in the Team Challenge. As a token of his gratitude, everyone who helped save Sarillion from The Darkness won something! All Idea Seeker Team Members won a free poster with their Team's animal on it to hang in their Idea Seeker Houses. Idea Seeker Team Members and Ally Team Fans also received a free medallion in their item inventory that they can use to power up their Plant Baby.

As King Daveau likes to remind everyone, we can never relax our guard over Sarillion's Climate crisis, because it may only be a matter of time before the Darkness of Dumbness once again attacks the planet with a scheme sure to threaten Sarillion's plants and animals. Even now, Idea Seeker agents are going undercover to report on the latest activities of The Darkness. They report that he is furious about his Clouds' failure and may be planning revenge. If anything develops, you'll hear about it first right here in the Sarillion Monitor.

Meet the Winners at On Locations in California!

Idea Seekers and Allies will have a fun opportunity to meet Team Red Fox in person at an On Location gathering at the Tech Museum in San Jose! Head to this issue's Special Feature to find out more!

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