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About an Idea Seeker - Skeeter

Skeeter is an Idea Seeker from Planet Earth, but his friends on Sarillion are always on his mind. That is, when he's not busy learning a new instrument or jamming on his saxophone. Skeeter recently spent some time putting down his sax and heading to Sarillion to join his fellow Idea Seekers in answering King Daveau's call for help. With the team chosen to head to California on his home planet of Earth, we thought we'd catch up with Skeeter to get an Earthling's take on Sarillion's Climate Crisis.

Why help Sarillion during its Climate Crisis when Earth is going through a Climate Crisis of its own?

I've got a lot of pals on Sarillion, that's why! Princess Kimma's really cool—she likes to sing along while I jam on my sax. Don't get me wrong, I take the Climate Crisis on Earth very seriously. When I'm home, I try to do everything I've learned while fighting the Darkness by doing King Daveau's Expeditions on Sarillion—I turn off lights when I leave a room, I take short showers, I ride my bike places instead of asking my parents for a ride. I even bugged my parents until they bought a programmable thermostat for the house and changed out all the old light bulbs to compact florescent ones! Helping out on Sarillion is really important because the more I learn wherever I am, the more ideas I can bring home to help save Earth!

What was your favorite part of the Team Challenge this time out?

It was all really exciting, but I think my favorite was using my man Dumonde's Gadget Maker. That cat is smart beyond words! I think I did all right with it. I made an Algae Tracker that used a musical keyboard in order to communicate with its user. It used a special code of notes and melodies that I could read and determine where the algae blooms were the worst! It was pretty cool. I was able to combine my musical skills with Dumonde's gadget maker to put something together to help track the problem of Algae Blooms in the Ocean. When fighting global climate change we may need to come up with new things as well as use our current things in different ways. But I hated the fact that we didn't solve the problem fast enough before it had an impact on some of Sarillion's marine and animal life.

Are you referring to the current Turlan Tuna shortage?

Yeah. That's a real drag, man. It just goes to show you how taking care of the planet or not taking care of it can have an effect you didn't even expect!

Since you're from Earth, let's talk a bit about our Team Challenge winners, Syd Angelfish and Ann Pika. Are you excited for their trip?

I'm jealous! My parents took Riley and me to the Tech Museum once, and it was really cool. They're going to have such a great time learning about things they can do at home to promote energy efficiency! I hear they are even going to see an Imax movie about Huricane Katrina that caused a lot of damage on my planet Earth. I hope Sarillion isn't about to see damage to their beaches and homes.

Do you know what happens at the On Location on Earth? Can you tell us what kids on Earth can be a part of?

Kimma told me about the plan for what is going to happen. I'm going to try to make it to California because there are so many cool things planned for the weekend. And any Idea Seekers or Allies who show up get free stuff and get to meet each other. What a cool way to form a team the next time King Daveau calls on all of us!

I know Spec won't be able to make it since he has to go back to his home planet Machoo. But the good news is that the winners are going to be blogging about their trip and taking pictures, so he'll get to be part of it even when he can't be there! I am really excited about hanging out on Earth with Allies and Idea Seekers that I have gotten to chat with on Sarillion. I know they will really love hanging out at the real beach in California and seeing tidal pools. Everyone I worked with in the Team Challenge was nice, fun, and worked very hard to stop the Darkness. I hope to see you at the Tech Museum party that Friday!

Skeeter, thanks so much for your time.

Anytime, man!

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