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We asked, and you answered! Here are the results from last week's poll questions.

Scientists predict that the tree line will shift to the north over the next 100 years. This will affect both the habitats of animals who live in the trees as well as animals who live in areas that the trees will take over. Are you concerned about this?

Yes - it's unfair that animals will be forced to migrate - 63%
No - the animals will be able to adapt and adjust - 17%
Maybe - speak out - 19%

Speak out about this week's question!

I think it is unfair to the animals as well to the humans. What if people live in the areas where they are going to put the trees? They will have to move as well as the animals. That is really unfair. I think people should say something.
Viviana, 13 - United States

What if you were an animal and someone affected your habitat? Would you like it? I sure know I wouldn't like it. If someone affected my habitat if I was an animal I would be mad because maybe you were living there for a while and someone affected your habitat. I know I wouldn't want to adapt to some other place. Care about animals and save them!
Kaley, 11 - United States

What if you were forced to move.
Vanessa, 12 - United States

I am concerned about this because this is a very cool question!!!! very cool and smart huh
Lucero, 11 - United States

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