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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 10, 2008 - Issue #29  
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Turlan Tuna Shortage!

Sarillion fishermen this week announced that Turlan Tuna populations have dwindled in recent weeks, resulting in a planet-wide shortage. As a result, cans of Turlan Tuna have nearly vanished from the restaurants in Jardim Forest and Venezia Village on Washi. Sarillion environmental experts have theorized that this shortage may be a result of the recent algae bloom problem in the oceans. It is likely that the algae blooms used more than their fare share of nutrients in the water, leaving none for many kinds of fish in the Sarillion oceans, especially the Turlan Tuna. As a result, King Daveau immediately ordered the planet's fishermen to stop catching Tuna so they would have a chance to grow in number once again.

King Daveau's daughter, Princess Kimma, issued a statement regarding the shortage. "The Turlan Tuna shortage serves as a reminder of how devastating the recent attacks by The Darkness truly were in causing people to act in stupid ways," said Kimma. "The Tuna population will return to normal in time if we stop catching them for now, but I hope Pleethars everywhere use this as a learning opportunity to remember that their energy usage at home can have terrible effects elsewhere. Don't allow the Darkness to turn you into one of his Warrior Drones and cause you to harm the planet and other species."

(Editor's Note: Princess Kimma also expressed a desire for our readers to become more familiar with various animals in order to become more sensitive to their environmental needs. To help with this, she encourages everyone to check out this article to learn to identify various animals by their footprints!)

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Host a dinner party at your Idea Seeker house with these fun new Plate Tables! Place settings are available for two or four, and of course, buying more than one means you can host even more! Check them out at Tempy's Furniture Gallery, in Venezia Village on Washi.

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