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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 5, 2007 - Issue #3  
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The Idea Seeker Character Creator

The Inside Scoop on the latest Idea Seeker Stuff

Here at the Sarillion Monitor, we try to keep you informed about all the latest happenings on And we’ve uncovered this special demo! Why read about it when you can try it yourself?

Click here to give it a try. You can create a character from scratch – choose your hairstyle, eyes, skin color, and create a cool outfit. Plus, you get to choose an Idea Seeker Role that you’d like to try. You can even make a character from another planet! Check out other kids’ Idea Seeker Home Pages to see who they are.

Soon, Idea Seekers will be able to use their character to explore the Idea Seeker Universe, talk with other kids, and build a virtual house. An Idea Seeker House!?!

Never fear – the Sarillion Monitor will have news about these exciting upgrades as soon as we can. We’re on the case!

The Idea Seeker Character Creator is one of the benefits you get when you upgrade from an Ally to an Idea Seeker. Join the Idea Seekers to create your own character!

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