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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   March 5, 2007 - Issue #3  
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Every issue we’ll interview someone from the Idea Seeker Universe and ask five questions. Idea Seekers, Plant Babies, KidsCom Staff Members… and maybe even a surprise guest or two!

Meet Riley

1. So... you're a dog. And you can talk?

You say that like it's not normal!

Well, it's not! Are you a dog who learned to talk, or a person that got turned into a dog, or what?

I'm 100% real dog, man. When my Mom was pregnant with me, some scientists got ahold of her and the experiments that they did on her changed something in my DNA. When I was born, I could talk and kids, Idea Seekers and even some Allies could understand me! People clouded by the Darkness can't hear a word I say and think I'm just a regular dog wearing a shirt. When you feel like you're misunderstood, having a sense of humor is really important. I was crackin' jokes even when I was a puppy.

2. That's one amazing story. How did you come to join the Idea Seekers?

I like to think of it as the Idea Seekers joining me. What would they do without me? Who would make them laugh? Hey, what did the envelope say to the stamp?

Um, what?

Stick with me, we'll go places! Ahahahahaha! Isn't that funny?

Seriously, though – that's how becoming an Idea Seeker helped me. As I said, I felt like I wasn't understood and no one was listening to me. The Idea Seekers showed me how to use my humor to help others and that made me feel important. Now my “ha ha” has become “cha cha cha!” You “C”?!?

3. And then why did you choose to become an Idea Seeker Diplomat?

When Spec and I go on diplomatic missions to other planets, we run into some pretty weird stuff. That makes being a talking dog seem more normal, y'know? And when you meet new people sometimes doing something to get them laughing is a good way to make new friends.

So, that's why I became a Diplomat – it a natural fit. I love telling jokes, and nothing makes people get along better than a few good laughs. Plus, I never give up – I didn't give up when I lived on the streets and I won't give up now! But that's a whole other story.

4. So what do you like to do in your spare time?

Sports, of course. All kinds of sports. You name it, I love it! I think I'm probably the best athlete around. I'm the king of the court, the sultan of soccer fields, the greatest...

So why does Tra beat you every time you play Hovercraft Hoop Ball?

Beat me? She doesn't beat me... I let her win.

What do you mean you let her win?

Hey, why does a golfer bring two pairs of pants to the golf course?

That doesn't really answer our...

In case he gets a hole-in one!

Okay, but what about you and Tra when...

Why don't elephants use computers?


They're scared of the mouse! Ha he ho ho. And I've got even more where those came from. ...what were we talking about again?

5. Okay, let's just move on. What advice can you give to people who want to become an Idea Seeker, or have already started their Idea Seeker training?

Well, I don't really like to study or go to school – but I do like to learn. So while some people become Idea Seekers by reading books, I do it by watching Master Idea Seekers and practicing a lot. After all, I have a Persistence Plant Baby. I never, ever give up until I've found a solution that works for everybody.

But that's what I'm good at. I work hard and never give up and eventually I succeed. You don't have to be the smartest, or the biggest, or the fastest to be an Idea Seeker. You just have to be yourself and find your own ways to fight the Darkness. If your way works for you and helps others, then that's cool.

Wow, Riley. That's pretty deep.

Yeah, well... don't spread it around. Hey, Why did the two pieces of bread get married?

They fell deeply in loaf! Ha ha ha! I love that joke...

You can read more about Riley in the Idea Seeker Viewscreen.

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