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We asked, and you answered! Here are the results from last week's poll questions.

What do you think is the best community service project for your community?

53% Helping out at a homeless shelter
22% Picking up trash
19% Food Drive
5% Clothing Drive

helping others can be very important to others and the comunity. helping people who need food can make you feel geat somtimes. it can make the comunity better with friendship.
Ryan, 11 (USA)

I think helping out the homeless shelter is important because there are millions of people who live out in the world with no clothes food roof under thir heads and some kids die because they get sick and their mom and dad don't have enough money to buy medicine for them.
Zoey, 13 (USA)

I chose helping homeless find a shelter. Because think of all those poor people out there who are, as I speak living, eating, drinking and dying on a street. There is one of these people in our street so we let him live with us. In fact, he is here now as I speak.
Corrina, 11 (United Kingdom)

I think a food drive is one of the greatest things you can do for your community. Many people you wouldn't think would get there food from the local food pantry do. Food is something that the homeless can use and one size fits all!
Heather, 14 (USA)

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