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Kacey - 14 - Australia

On Friday the 13th 1997, a girl named Tamika was having a birthday party at her Great-Grandma's home. Tamika was turning 16. Her grandma wasn't there, but Tamika wanted to have the party there because it had a pool and lots of other cool things. There was a huge backyard and, according to Tamika's grandma, the house was haunted. Now if Tamika loved anything, it was scary things, so she decided she wanted her party to be fun, awesome and scary.

"So Mika, why were we having this party at your gran's?" one of Tamika's friends asked her.

"That's a surprise Lara," Tamika responded.

So on the night of the party forty-two people showed up.

"Everyone," Tamika tapped her glass with a spoon. "Everyone, my grandma told us not to touch the karaoke machine, which means I'm going to turn on the karaoke machine okay!"

Everyone shouted with glee at what she said. Tamika pressed the on button on the karaoke machine and a soft song with a woman's voice singing started playing, but Tamika hated soft songs. She went to change it, but as her hand touched the change button some sort of strong force knocked her back. Everyone stared at her and blinked continuously without saying anything. The song that was playing was a lot louder now and the words were a lot clearer.

"If you give me another chance, I will give you my hand and we can dance. You said you loved me and then you..." A woman appeared out of nowhere and started singing the rest of the song; "If you give me another chance then I will give you my hand and we can dance, bring me a cup of tea, please tell me you love me, you love me, you love me. Show me your eyes you look frozen as ice. You said you loved me and then you go ahead and kill me…"

The last words the woman sang she looked at Tamika's boyfriend.

"No leave him alone!" Tamika screamed.

The woman walked towards the boy. She cupped his chin in her palm and whispered something in his ear and gave him a soft kiss. As soon as she took her lips away from his, Tamika ran forward and went to slap the woman, but instead Tamika's hand went straight through the woman.

The lovely singer looked at Tamika and smiled. "I'm sorry," she said in a soft melodic tone.

Tamika demanded her boyfriend to tell her what the woman said.

"She said ... Never hurt her," he said puzzled.

Now in the days of 2036, the couple from the night of the karaoke singer, tell their great grandchildren to never touch the karaoke machine.


Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Dana - 10 - New Zealand

Dumonde absolutely no intention of doing his homework when Riley was around. So one day the Plant Babies got together in a huddled circle and started complaining.

"My food bowl's been empty for a whole week!" wailed Patience. "And I haven't started about how dirty my room is due to Dumonde not researching how to clean it up." So the plant babies started whispering. A plan was brewing...

Meanwhile, Dumonde had again forgotten he had at least a page of homework to be done. He was to busy playing on his new XBOX 360. Riley was also playing with him.

Suddenly Hope came into the room and asked Riley if they could go to the downtown pools for a swim. Riley agreed and left Dumonde behind with a controller in his hand.

Patience came out of his hiding place and suggested Dumonde should do his homework.

"NO WAY!" Dumonde answered with a giant frown.

"Well we've got the whole team here if you need help with it. And we are only going to offer one time."

Dumonde replied a grunty yes and got on with it. Sloth Cloud withered away and Dumonde got better and always did his homework.



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