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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 24, 2008 - Issue #30  
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About an Idea Seeker - Ann Pika and Syd Angelfish

Ann Pika and Syd Angelfish are the lead Team Members of Team Red Fox , the winners of the most recent Team Challenge! As they gear up to head out to California to meet Master Idea Seekers and hang out with Idea Seekers and Allies at the On Location, we thought we'd catch up to them and get their thoughts on the Team Challenge, their upcoming trip to California, and continuing the fight against The Darkness and his Clouds of Chaos.

What was your favorite part of the Team Challenge?

Ann Pika: Doing the expeditions.

Syd Angelfish: My favorite part of the team challenge was getting people to vote for your team and be a fan. I liked to check on my team page to see how many fans Ann and I had and learning about the earth answering the questions.

What did you learn about Global Climate Change by doing the Team Challenge?

Ann Pika: I learned a lot of stuff about Algae Blooms.

Syd Angelfish: I learned that the earth has become warmer because of the greenhouse gases and we need to save energy and recycle.

What do you do at home to be energy efficient around the house?

Ann Pika: I turn off lights when I'm not using them and I take shorter showers.

Syd Angelfish: When it is cold in the house I grab a blanket or jacket instead of turning on the heater. When it is sunny outside I open my window and use the light from the sun instead of turning on my lights. I also unplug my charger to my cell phone and computer when I am not using them.

What are you looking forward to most when you head to San Jose?

Ann Pika: Meeting other people.

Syd Angelfish: To meet my friends from Kidscom and to meet Scientist. I am excited about the new camera I won to take pictures. I can't wait to learn more about the earth and have fun.

What is your favorite subject in School?

Ann Pika: Math and Science (mostly Science).

Syd Angelfish: My favorite Subject is Math and Reading.

What is your favorite thing about

Ann Pika: I get to change clothes and get to decorate a house.

Syd Angelfish: My favorite thing about KidsCom is that you can chat with kids around the world and dressing up and having your own house that you can put furniture in. I get very excited when KidsCom add a new room. I like when we have parties and contest so we can win trips like the one I won!

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